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Political Schadenfreude

Leader distrust and political parody is expressed through mockery

Implications - Political parody has existed for as long as government systems have been in place. This concept is married with the dark, ruthless style of humor on the Internet in political schadenfreude. Distrust for political figureheads is seen communicated in a more mocking tone, allowing skeptical consumers to indulge in the idea of bringing powerful figures down to a level lower than their own.
6 Featured, 49 Examples:
211,587 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Nov 12 — May 13
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Flipping-Off Leader Ads
Flipping-Off Leader Ads
The Reporters Without Borders 2013 Campaign Addresses Controversial Issues
The Reporters Without Borders 2013 ad campaign centers around a very inappropriate gesture, especially when coming from world leaders. A couple of years ago the nonprofit organization depicted... MORE
Naughty Political Portraits
Naughty Political Portraits
Emily Deutchman's 'Presidents with Boob Faces' Are Comic
Artist Emily Deutchman’s ‘Presidents with Boob Faces’ Tumblr page pokes fun at American political representatives. The 44-long series of watercolors etches nipples on to the iconic... MORE
Presidential Villain Parody Toys
Presidential Villain Parody Toys
These Villian Toys Humorously Integrate Politics and Pop Culture
These presidential parody toys of iconic villains are humorous and very well depicted. Most importantly they are indcredibly well named. The set of toys features George W. Bush as Zom-Bush, Nixon as... MORE
play_circle_filled Comic-Styled Political Parodies
Comic-Styled Political Parodies
Cartoonist Ward Sutton Congressional Leaders into Cartoon Characte
Political cartoons are a witty addition to several major publications and cartoonist Warn Sutton takes things to the next level by creating hilarious congress comics. Featuring President Obama and... MORE
play_circle_filled Political Dubstep Commercials
Political Dubstep Commercials
This Official Ad for the State of the Union Address is Musical
Perhaps in an attempt to drum up interest among teenagers and youth, the White House has joined the plethora of companies that have created dubstep commercials. The official government-funded ad... MORE
Politician Mocking Condiments
Politician Mocking Condiments
The Margaret Thatcher Marmite Mock Up Product Design Divides Opinion
The Margaret Thatcher Marmite mock-up product design is sure to divide opinion, just like the Iron Lady herself. The political career of the late former British PM was shrouded in controversy, so it... MORE

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Messy Gum Ads
Messy Gum Ads
The First Choice Bubblegum Flavored Milk Campaign Provides a Win-Win Situation
Mini-Me Nappy Ads
Mini-Me Nappy Ads
The Ninet Diapers Ultra Absorbent Campaign is Hilariously Surreal
Angled Auto Ads
Angled Auto Ads
The Volkswagen Side Assist Ad Campaign Makes a Serious Point
Spirit-Lifting City Ads
Spirit-Lifting City Ads
The JCDecaux Good Things Coming Soon Campaign Sends a Positive Message
Victorious Stick Figure Ads
Victorious Stick Figure Ads
The Pictionary Quick Draw Wins Campaign Roots for the Underdog
Mouth-Stuffed Sport Ads
Mouth-Stuffed Sport Ads
The Gol Television Football Campaign Thwarts Romance
Paper Diorama Ads
Paper Diorama Ads
The Colsubsidio Book Exchange 2013 Campaign is Inspired by Fairy Tales
Poo Trophy Ads
Poo Trophy Ads
The Bisolax Laxative-Fecal Softener Campaign Shows 'Shit is Not Worth Collecting"
View-Obstructing Belly Ads
View-Obstructing Belly Ads
The Sport Life Fitness Club 2013 Campaign Urges Fitter Vacations
Scandalous Politician Self-Portraits
Scandalous Politician Self-Portraits
These Paintings Showcase George W. Bush in the Nude
Political Upbringing Infographics
Political Upbringing Infographics
This Chart Lists Facts About Leaders' Humble Backgrounds
Persona-Mocking Icon Portraits
Persona-Mocking Icon Portraits
These Pop Culture Photos Capture the Essence of the Exalted
play_circle_filled Dubstep Singing Birds
Dubstep Singing Birds
This Adorable Badass Birdie Will Wub Wub its Way Into Your Heart
Merry Presidential Pooch Videos
Merry Presidential Pooch Videos
Bo the White House Dog Checks Out Presidential Holiday Decorations
Lavish Train-Themed Eateries
Lavish Train-Themed Eateries
The Passenger Restaurant Re-Creates a Locomotive Environment
Sci-Fi Fatherly Spoofs
Sci-Fi Fatherly Spoofs
Darth Vader's Little Princess Depicts the Sith Lord as a Playful Parent
play_circle_filled Viral Marketing Parodies
Viral Marketing Parodies
Buyral is a Fake Service Boasting an Army of Clickers
Presidential Speech Parodies
Presidential Speech Parodies
Look-a-Like Rhymes Obama's Acceptance Speech in Viral Music Video
Risque Political Drawings
Risque Political Drawings
AleXsandro Palombo Gets Promiscuous with Satirical Political Drawings
Human-Eared Pet Politic Ads
Human-Eared Pet Politic Ads
The Post Internazionale Campaign Promotes an Insider's Viewpoint
Candid Presidential Photography
Candid Presidential Photography
Barack Obama by Terry Richardson is Revealed After Win
Presidential Portrait Mashups
Presidential Portrait Mashups
Olivier Ratsi's Political Depictions Mix Up Past American Leaders
Political Caricature Sweets
Political Caricature Sweets
The Election Cookie Gift Box Reminds You Vote in November
play_circle_filled Auto-Tuned Political Mashups
Auto-Tuned Political Mashups
Schmoyoho Hilariously Songifies the Presidential Final Debate
Cheesy Presidential Depictions
Cheesy Presidential Depictions
The Romney and Obama Cheetos Portraits Look Delicious (UPDATE)
Comic Presidential Support Tees
Comic Presidential Support Tees
The Undrcrwn 'Gotta Be Barack' T-Shirts are a Hilarious Depiction
play_circle_filled Election Candidate Rap Battles
Election Candidate Rap Battles
Epic Rap Battles Gives us a Fresh Look at the Presidential Debate
play_circle_filled Viral Dance Advertising
Viral Dance Advertising
Trend Hunter Editor Jamie Munro Talks Dubstep Music Videos
play_circle_filled Musical Political Debate Parodies
Musical Political Debate Parodies
Auto-Tuned US Presidential Debate is Hilarious and Entertaining
play_circle_filled Interactive Political T-shirts
Interactive Political T-shirts
Support the Obama/Romney Presidential Debates With These Tees
play_circle_filled Patriotic Parody Videos
Patriotic Parody Videos
Canada Scoops and Gyrates to Show Off its Signature Canadian Dance Moves
play_circle_filled Corporate Technological Spoofs
Corporate Technological Spoofs
The 'Sh*t Apple Users Say' Video Examines the Average Mac Fan
Dual Face Ads
Dual Face Ads
The 2012 International Day of Peace Campaign is Filled With Illusions
Faux Political PSAs
Faux Political PSAs
The 'Legitimate Drowning' Ad Hilariously Parodies Todd Akin
play_circle_filled Parody Rap Endorsements
Parody Rap Endorsements
The Mitt Romney Music Video Endorses the Challenger's Economic Visions
play_circle_filled DIY Presidential Booze
DIY Presidential Booze
The 'White House Beer Brew' Lets You Taste What Obamas Drinking
play_circle_filled Red-Head Political Parodies
Red-Head Political Parodies
RED with Jesse Tyler Ferguson Takes a Run at Republicans
play_circle_filled Gay Rights Fairytale Classics
Gay Rights Fairytale Classics
The 'Cinderfella' Todrick Hall Video is Adorably Modern
Presidential Spelling Parody Blogs
Presidential Spelling Parody Blogs
The ‘Amercia is With Mitt’ Tumblr Highlights Mistak
Determinate Political Graphs
Determinate Political Graphs
The 'Fate of the Nation' Infographic Predicts the Outcome
play_circle_filled Pop Song Belting Presidents
Pop Song Belting Presidents
Barack Obama Sings Call Me Maybe With Poise
Cross-Dressed Politician Parodies
Cross-Dressed Politician Parodies
'Santorum-san' Has Many Wise Words of Wisdom
Sapphire First Lady Frocks
Sapphire First Lady Frocks
Michelle Obama Dazzles in Marchesa at the White House State Dinner
Celebrity Muse Collections
Celebrity Muse Collections
The Peter Jensen Resort 2012 Collection is Inspired by Meryl Streep
play_circle_filled Dubstep Violin Songs
Dubstep Violin Songs
Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling Mixes Classical with WAWAWAs
play_circle_filled Presidential YouTube Promotions
Presidential YouTube Promotions
'The Story of Us: Five Years Ago Today' Details Obama's Success
White House Viral Videos
White House Viral Videos
Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama Square Off in a Fitness Challenge
Colossal Kisser Celebrities
Colossal Kisser Celebrities
People With Lana Del Rey Lips Make Any Superstar Luscious
Primped Politician Photography
Primped Politician Photography
The Terry Richardson Georgia May Jagger Shoot Gets Governmental