Emily Deutchman's 'Presidents with Boob Faces' Are Comic

Artist Emily Deutchman's 'Presidents with Boob Faces' Tumblr page pokes fun at American political representatives. The 44-long series of watercolors etches nipples on to the iconic faces of John F. Kennedy, Ronald Regan, James Carter and Gerald Ford.

Deutchman's project coincides with the 2012 presidential elections. Despite the heated nature of the current debates on Planned Parenthood, worker's rights and international relations, she maintains the significance and relevancy of political satire.

This collection is currently being exhibited at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn. According to the description, the comedic art reinterprets the classic style of presidential portraiture, a niche that has been more often than not characterized by a certain stiffness. Deutchman adds motion and a fresh sense of humor to the canon, an offshoot of her studies at Columbia University's School of the Arts.