Trend Hunter Editor Jamie Munro Talks Dubstep Music Videos

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: youtube
This dubstep music video, as discusses by Trend Hunter Jamie Munro, features Lindsey Stirling. The short follows Stirling as she moves through an ice-covered world, moving to the music and showing off her effortless dance moves.

Dancevertising is one trend surging in popularity over the past year. From flash mobs to everyday people dancing in the street for a product, showing off your moves is completely acceptable. Lindsey Stirling finds the perfect match between moving to the beat and ensuring she is completely on key for the entire song.

Jamie Munro also discusses what she loves about Trend Hunter, and how businesses are changing in the future. One trend she sees becoming the norm is virtual shopping, where consumers can scan images and have products delivered to their front door.