The ‘Amercia is With Mitt’ Tumblr Highlights Mistak

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: amerciaiswithmitt.tumblr & cbc
One would have faith that somebody running to be the President of the United States would know how to spell ‘America’ properly—evidently not, as the ‘Amercia is With Mitt’ Tumblr will never let President-hopeful Romney forget.

Having launched an app that allows you to digitally brand your photos with an approval of Mitt Romney under 14 different slogans, careful readers would notice that one of them reads ‘A Better Amercia’…sorry, Amercians. The Tumblr community was quick to catch on to the mistake and, doing what it does best, has blown up the error in a hilarious parody to poke fun of American intellect and ultimately, Romney himself.

Who knows what the repercussions this little stunt will have on the result, but considering how quickly a blog will become viral, Romney will just have to believe Amercia will make the right choice.