From Viral Vids to Pop Star Spoofs

 - Nov 26, 2013
Parody videos have grown immensely over the years and will continue to populate as long as there's content out there to poke fun at. Sad, but true. Often, the popular comedy remakes dabble in the mishaps of pop culture and are not taken very well by the spoof victim.

Recently, comedic actors Seth Rogen and pretty boy James Franco spoofed Kanye West's very much talked-about music video Bound 2. Entitling it Bound 3 for extra hilarity, this pair of goofy guys really do a number on Ye's artistic vision. Franco and Rogen go frame for frame without a single comedic flaw and prove what a good parody video is.

Though I don't think Kanye will be taking this particular parody video very well, I'm sure these two goofballs didn't mean any harm -- except the type you get deep in your gut from laughing way too hard.