AleXsandro Palombo Gets Promiscuous with Satirical Political Drawings

 - Nov 8, 2012
References: humorchic.blogspot
Italian artist aleXsandro Palombo pushes the boundaries of appropriateness with his satirical political drawing series starring two iconic figures: President Obama and Anna Wintour.

The images showcase President Obama and Ms. Wintour in sexually suggestive positions with lust in their eyes. Very uncharacteristic of the usual stern and reserved duo, the satirical portraits captures humor by displaying them in a way, that contradicts their usual professional demeanor.

Ms. Wintour, donning her characteristic bob and glasses, wears dominatrix lingerie with what looks like red pleather thigh-highs. Obama is also scantily clad in his boxers and unbuttoned shirt. Whether showing Ms. Wintour mesmerized by President Obama's nether region, about to take a bite out of his 'sandwich,' and the President likewise seeming excited about it, the series is laden with humorous sexual innuendos.

The risque satirical political drawings add humor to the more serious world of politics and fashion, which is well needed from time to time.

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