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Film Geekdom

Geek chic sees an extension with movie buff pride

Implications - Recently, geeks have been encouraged to wear their nerdiness like a badge of honor. A new subsection of this movement can be seen with film geeks. Though movies are enjoyed by all, only the true film geek will indulge in products that communicate their dedication so strongly. This speaks to a shift in the definition of the term "geek" to include people who feel strongly about any subject.
5 Featured, 40 Examples:
554,062 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jan 13 — Apr 13
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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Helmet Head Ads
Helmet Head Ads
The Bayer Saridon Campaign Urges People to Stop the Pain
Justice-Bringing Bike Helmets
Justice-Bringing Bike Helmets
The Helmet of Justice Records in Case Accident Evidence is Needed
Masterfully Remixed Movie Posters
Masterfully Remixed Movie Posters
Neil Kellerhouse Reinterprets Famous Film Promotional Material
Film-Inspired Animations
Film-Inspired Animations
See New York City Animation Like Never Before
Geeky Gamer Biking Helmets
Geeky Gamer Biking Helmets
This Video Game-Inspired Helmet is Designed for The Rough-Riding Gamer
Typographic Minimalist Movie Posters
Typographic Minimalist Movie Posters
Untreed Studios Creates Modern Lion King Posters
Mesmerizing Flickering Short Films
Mesmerizing Flickering Short Films
This Joseph Gordon-Levitt Production is All 'Flickering Lights'
play_circle_filled Heart-Sensoring Cycling Helmets
Heart-Sensoring Cycling Helmets
The LifeBeam Cycling Helmets Track Performance & Keep Connected
Puppet Movie Poster Adaptations
Puppet Movie Poster Adaptations
Your Favorite Shows and Movies Get an Adorable Muppet Infusion
play_circle_filled Indie Film Parodies
Indie Film Parodies
The Lonely Island Bottlecap Trailer Parodies Indie Films
Minimalistic Movie Posters
Minimalistic Movie Posters
Alex Lodermeier Redoes the Skyfall Poster in a More Vibrant Manner
play_circle_filled Award-Winning Kickstarter-Funded Films
Award-Winning Kickstarter-Funded Films
The Inocente Documentary Short Wins an Oscar
Luxury Backstage Fashion Films
Luxury Backstage Fashion Films
The Louis Vuitton Backstage Video Captures Behind the Scenes
play_circle_filled Sensory Overload Fashion Films
Sensory Overload Fashion Films
The Kenzo 'Electric Jungle' Promo Video is Mind-blowing
play_circle_filled Video Head Helmets
Video Head Helmets
Put Your Head in the Future with This Portable Recorder
Waterproof Wireless Helmets
Waterproof Wireless Helmets
The Molecule Helmet Brings Tunes and Communication to Water Sports
Alternatively Redesigned Movie Posters
Alternatively Redesigned Movie Posters
These Alternative Movie Posters Showcase Iconic Films
Uninhibited Women Illustrations
Uninhibited Women Illustrations
The Joel Benjamin Gurls Print Series Portrays Femme Fatales
Child-Starring Movie Posters
Child-Starring Movie Posters
Toddlewood by Tricia Messeroux Transforms Kids into Celebrities
Militarized Motocycle Helmets
Militarized Motocycle Helmets
The Bell Rogue Helmet is Made for Soldiers at Heart
Hero Icon Transformation Charts
Hero Icon Transformation Charts
Track the Batman Logo Evolution Over Time with This Poster
Commemorative Driver Helmets
Commemorative Driver Helmets
The Alpine x Les Ateliers Ruby Helmets Pays Homage to Jean Ragnotti
Protective Gel-Layered Gear
Protective Gel-Layered Gear
The 6D Helmets are Packed with Stiff Liquids
Retro Film Tribute Posters
Retro Film Tribute Posters
The Big Top Pee-Wee Posters Pay Homage to the Beloved Family Classic
Pixar-Tweaked Movie Posters
Pixar-Tweaked Movie Posters
Toy Stories by Jim Tuckwell Re-Casts Actors With Animated Characters
Sci-Fi Film Noir Posters
Sci-Fi Film Noir Posters
Dean Reeves Gives the Star Wars Universe a Vintage Makeover
Old-Fashioned Paranormal Posters
Old-Fashioned Paranormal Posters
Steampunk Ghost Busters Illustrations Combine Past and Future
Watercolor Poster Remakes
Watercolor Poster Remakes
These Oliver Shilling Stylized Movie Designs Embody the Right Mood
Exaggerated Movie Posters
Exaggerated Movie Posters
The 'Crazy 4 Cult: New York' by Jason Edmiston Exhibition is Nostalgic
play_circle_filled Digital Barcode Art Illustrations
Digital Barcode Art Illustrations
Yiying Lu Creates Beautiful Hand-Drawn QR Codes
Minimalist Cult-Film Prints
Minimalist Cult-Film Prints
Phics & Graphics Adjust Classic Movie Posters
play_circle_filled Barcode Iconography
Barcode Iconography
This Recent Scott Blake Work is Meticulous and Intricate
Dark Knight Trilogy Tributes
Dark Knight Trilogy Tributes
Christopher Conner Crafts Batman Movie Posters in Honor of New Films
Avian-Infused Barcode Designs
Avian-Infused Barcode Designs
The 'Stupid' QR iPhone App Ads are a Graphic Piece of Art
Barcode Translators
Barcode Translators
The Finger Reader Makes Grocery Shopping Easier on the Blind
Blurred Barcode Captures
Blurred Barcode Captures
Ralf Brueck's 'Distortion' Series Explores Digitally Manipulated Reality
play_circle_filled Musical Barcode Apps
Musical Barcode Apps
The Barcodas App Turns Barcodes into Pianos
play_circle_filled Interactive Musical Blocks
Interactive Musical Blocks
The Barcode Piano Teaches Mixed Complexities Through Music
Barcode Art
Barcode Art
People Finding Ways to Get Creative With Everyday Mediocrity
Secret Coded Websites
Secret Coded Websites
Google Commemorates the First Barcode Patent