Canada Scoops and Gyrates to Show Off its Signature Canadian Dance Moves

 - Sep 23, 2012
References: youtube
Canadians are known for a lot of things -- friendliness, maple trees, beavers, abundance of nature, poutine -- but how do all of these things affect Canadian dance moves?

Decked out in the country's colors, red and white, YouTube user van46 recently uploaded a parody video consisting of a series of signature Canadian dance moves inspired by Canadian stereotypes such as 'The Lumberjack,' 'The Curler' and 'Paddle the Canoe.' Paired with an addictive catchy tune, the song explains how it knows everyone wants to be Canadian, boasting that they have the "world monopoly on trees." The dancers jiggle, pump and bob, busting out stranger and quirkier moves as the song progresses.

Filmed in an array of famous sites in urban Toronto, Ontario such as the CN Tower, Eaton Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and Museum subway station, these are signature places that people often think of when Canada comes to mind.