People With Lana Del Rey Lips Make Any Superstar Luscious

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: checkthis
These celebrities from politics, movies, TV and big businesses have all been juicified with the addition of their healthy-sized Lana Del Rey Lips. The singer-songwriter superstar is known to be gorgeous especially for her voluptuous lips, but these other celebrities might have her beat now that they have her mouth.

Chuck Norris will no longer have to kick people’s faces in with his muscular legs because he can just use his mighty mouth instead. George Clooney should have no problem being nominated for five or six Oscars now that he has the swag of Lana Del Ray. President Barack Obama will no longer have to debate with republican party members because they will be to distracted by his jumbo-luscious lips.

Lana Del Rey Lips are lips that you won’t find anywhere else on this earth. That is of course unless you use Photoshop.