- Jan 22, 2013
Lana Del Rey is renowned for her eccentric, retro Americana style and this collection of fashion finds exude an inspired-by air of somber songstress style. The bodacious brunette is often photographed in eclectic clothing that help to carve her public persona as an effortlessly cool singer that is truly all-American.

These fashion and beauty finds feature styling that is quite evidently inspired by Lana Del Rey and while it might seem strange that she has helped incite a kitschy style resurgence, it's quite clear that we've fallen under her enchanting spell. Songstresses and solicialites are renowned with being able to influence a generation, and Lana Del Rey is certainly no exception. With H&M campaigns that promote her dishevelled yet demure persona, it's clear that Lana Del Rey inspiration is permeating in ways never before perceived.

From Musician Impersonating Editorials to Spirited Summer Styles: