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Unmasked Marketing

A desire for sincerity prompts the integration of raw and revealing insights

Implications - As brands grow, so too do their marketing endeavors, often resulting in commercialized campaigns that lack a genuine sincerity. Seeking to create a more authentic appeal, brands are turning to first-person viewpoints, personal stories and real-world engagements to give attention to interactions that happen outside of the media limelight.
5 Featured, 41 Examples:
208,576 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Apr 13 — Jul 15
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Emotive Hispanic Campaigns
Emotive Hispanic Campaigns
This Heartwarming Kraft Singles Ad Tells the Story of Two Young Girls
This inspiring Kraft Singles commercial tells the heartwarming tale of a few young girls participating in a raffle in order to win a dream dollhouse. When one young girl stumbles upon the winning... MORE
play_circle_filled Touching Beauty Perception Sketches
Touching Beauty Perception Sketches
The Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign is Heart-Wrenching
Dove has come up with a new advertising campaign that empowers all individuals to discover their beauty within. This self-enhancing beauty advertisement brings forth an interesting concept to take a... MORE
Personal Diary Beauty Ads
Personal Diary Beauty Ads
Dove’s Carbon Paper Commercial is Helping Youths Live Their Dreams
Coming off the heels of its mega successful composite beauty perception sketch campaign, Dove has just released its Carbon Paper ad that sees this natural beauty supporting company getting in touch... MORE
play_circle_filled Honest Disability Videos
Honest Disability Videos
Dear Future Mom Has People with Down Syndrome Talk to Potential Mothers
Dear Future Mom is a heartwarming video that educates mothers whose fetuses have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. The video, put together by Coor Down, was done for March 21st, which is World Down... MORE
play_circle_filled Compassionate Tissue Commercials
Compassionate Tissue Commercials
Kleenex's 'Unlikely Best Friends' Stars Chance the Paraplegic Dog
Kleenex’s ‘Unlikely Best Friends’ video is the newest from its Messages of Care campaign. As a tissue brand, it’s fitting that tear-triggering commercials are produced and... MORE

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Related Examples

play_circle_filled Silly Endorsement Ads
Silly Endorsement Ads
This Hispanic Crest Commercial Pokes Fun at Profession-Based Promos
play_circle_filled Bacon-Themed Film Festival Ads
Bacon-Themed Film Festival Ads
This Ad for the Chicago Latino Film Festival Has Bacon Subtitles
play_circle_filled Bicultural Road Trip Ads
Bicultural Road Trip Ads
This Fast-Paced Goodyear Commercial Follows One Man Through 53 Cities
play_circle_filled Emotional Caregiver PSAs
Emotional Caregiver PSAs
This AARP Ad Demonstrates How Quickly Children Can Become the Caregiver
play_circle_filled Spanish Fast Food Ads
Spanish Fast Food Ads
This Clever McDonald's Commercial Features the Latin Hit Song 'Gloria'
play_circle_filled Hispanic-Targeting Mobile Ads
Hispanic-Targeting Mobile Ads
This Sprint Ad Features the Company's Spanish-Speaking CEO
Latino-Centric Car Campaigns
Latino-Centric Car Campaigns
The 'My Mitsubishi' Campaign Encourages Individuality Among Hispanics
Comforting Tissue Stunts
Comforting Tissue Stunts
Kleenex Employs Experiential Brand Marketing to Create Ease
Building Block Tissue Boxes
Building Block Tissue Boxes
The Kleenex Kids Collection Boxes Feature Subtle, Pastel-Hued Designs
Opportune Tissue Stunts
Opportune Tissue Stunts
Kleenex and Madame Tussaud's Help Fans Cope with Zayn One Direction News
Ad Clean-Up Campaigns
Ad Clean-Up Campaigns
Free the Article Wipes Away Digital Advertisements That Clutter Screens
Cinematic Tissue Campaigns
Cinematic Tissue Campaigns
This Kleenex Tissues Campaign Reenacts Famous Scenes from Pop Culture
Scented Tissue Box Packaging
Scented Tissue Box Packaging
This Conceptual Fragranced Facial Tissue Engages Consumers' Senses
Fashionable Tissue Boxes
Fashionable Tissue Boxes
The Kleenex Style Studio Helps People Keep Homes Chic
Loving Video Campaign Giveaways
Loving Video Campaign Giveaways
With Kleenex Kiss You Can Upload a Video to Show How Much You Care
play_circle_filled LED Tissue Box Installations
LED Tissue Box Installations
The Kleenex x Isaac Mizrahi Collection Becomes Interactive Art
Eye-Opening Spanglish Commercials
Eye-Opening Spanglish Commercials
The AT&T Mobile Movement Campaign Targets Young Latinos
play_circle_filled Cross-Cultural Beer Campaigns
Cross-Cultural Beer Campaigns
An English-Spanish Corona Commercial Communicates Across Continents
Mouth-Controlled Wheelchairs
Mouth-Controlled Wheelchairs
The Tongue Drive System Provides an Easier Method of Control
Guerilla Stunt Webinars
Guerilla Stunt Webinars
Dove Hosted a Q&A Webinar to Take the Audience Behind the Scenes
Mouth-Controlled Styluses
Mouth-Controlled Styluses
Griffin MouthStick Stylus Allows Disabled People Make Use of Touchscreen
play_circle_filled Beauty Campaign Parodies
Beauty Campaign Parodies
This Male-Centric Parody of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign is a Hoot
Crumpled Correspondence Art
Crumpled Correspondence Art
Bengisu Bayrak Paints Discarded Notes and Quaint Old Letters
play_circle_filled The Impact of Positive Imagery
The Impact of Positive Imagery
This Enlightening Keynote by Joseph Peter Encourages Hope
Femininely Edgy Fashion
Femininely Edgy Fashion
The Flare Magazine 'Pulp Fashion' Editorial Stars Catrina Stella
Carved Cityscape Dioramas
Carved Cityscape Dioramas
Heather Kocsis Recreates Old Buildings in Her Reclaimed Wood Art
Reflective Bubble Closeups
Reflective Bubble Closeups
These Soapy Portraits By Richard Heeks Are Conceptually Creative
Vibrantly Geometric Illuminators
Vibrantly Geometric Illuminators
These Geometric Light Sculptures Features Mesmerizing Displays
Snappy Motivational Posters
Snappy Motivational Posters
The Five Words Website Provides Inspiring and Uplifting Messages
play_circle_filled Anti-Airbrush Guerrilla Marketing
Anti-Airbrush Guerrilla Marketing
The New Part of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign Reverts Photoshoppin
Social Firm Community Cafes
Social Firm Community Cafes
Frogmeadow Reinvents the Labor Market in the United Kingdom
play_circle_filled Redefined Role Model Campaigns
Redefined Role Model Campaigns
Dove Social Media Campaign Aims to Expose Girls to New Role Models
Lovey Dovey Sweeteners
Lovey Dovey Sweeteners
These Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes are the Perfect Saucer-Side Accessory
Viral Web Altruism
Viral Web Altruism
The Reddit Scott Widak Surprise is an Epic Act of Kindness
Prenatal Phenotype Preferences
Prenatal Phenotype Preferences
MaterniT21 Will Let You Select the Genes of Your Children
play_circle_filled Visually Impaired Fashion
Visually Impaired Fashion
The Point Locus Jacket Uses GPS Technology to Show the Way
Stirring Paralympics Ads
Stirring Paralympics Ads
Ray Grassi and Stephanie Dixon are Inspiring in the Campaign by Bbdo
Disabled Fashion
Disabled Fashion
Glossy Glamorizations of Special Needs Fashionistas
Toys to Teach Acceptance
Toys to Teach Acceptance
Down Syndrome Dolls
play_circle_filled Commercial Parodies
Commercial Parodies
Russian Mail Order Bride Spoofs Dove Evolution
play_circle_filled Deodorant Viral Inspired by Japanese Puppet Theatre
Deodorant Viral Inspired by Japanese Puppet Theatre
Dove Lighting Bolt of Terror Ad