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Involvement Marketing

Including customers in film & advertising creation to enhance engagement

Implications - Marketing often requires a customer-centric approach, and nothing is more customer-centric than involving customers in the creation process and final product. Crowdsourcing has already become a creation method embraced by many brands, but now brands are taking customer involvement to the next level, whether it's being part of the final product (as in the Gap's Shine On campaign), participating in the process from idea generation to production, or being cast in a movie role. Involving customers in this way stands to elevate engagement and positive brand association while also encouraging fans to share their experience with their friends and networks.
6 Featured, 46 Examples:
233,378 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jul 12 — Sep 12

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Talent-Highlighting Clothing Ads
Talent-Highlighting Clothing Ads
The Gap 'Icon Redefined' Campaign Showcases Musicians & Dancers
The Gap ‘Icon Redefined’ campaign is an extension of the brand’s global marketing program, ‘Shine,’ which focuses on highlighting emerging talent to inspire people to... MORE
play_circle_filled Playful Painting Kiddie Campaigns
Playful Painting Kiddie Campaigns
GapKids 'Shine On' Advertisement Features Talented Children
Gap commercials are always so fun and catchy, and the latest GapKids ‘Shine On’ ad is no exception. To promote its upcoming fall collection for children, Gap has launched a North... MORE
Multi-Role Movie Auditions
Multi-Role Movie Auditions
Intel and Toshiba's 'The Beauty Inside' Gives You Chance to Play a Role
Intel and Toshiba have partnered up again, this time to create ‘The Beauty Inside,’ a movie that will promote the Toshiba Portege Ultrabook computer while also engaging online users... MORE
Fan-Made Drink Ads (UPDATE)
Fan-Made Drink Ads (UPDATE)
Mountain Dew DEWeezy Project Enters Story-Making Phase
Recently, Trend Hunter featured the Mountain Dew DEWeezy project featuring Lil Wayne, a project in partnership with the mentoring program Stoked that aims to inspire creativity among youth and get... MORE
Social Media Casting Calls
Social Media Casting Calls
Media-Sharing App Mobli Used to Find Actress for The Canyons
The producers behind the movie The Canyons, which stars Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, used a very unconventional approach to casting one of its characters. They went on the new multimedia-sharing app,... MORE
play_circle_filled Crowdsourced Rapper Projects
Crowdsourced Rapper Projects
Mountain Dew & Lil Wayne DEWeezy Campaign Asks Fans for Inspiration
The Lil Wayne DEWeezy campaign is a collaboration with Mountain Dew and the youth development organization STOKED that aims to ignite creativity among young people and have fans participate in the... MORE

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play_circle_filled Malt Soda Rebranding Contests
Malt Soda Rebranding Contests
Mountain Dew 'Discover Gold' Asks You to Rename & Redesign Packaging
Interactive Bat Caves
Interactive Bat Caves
Pepsi Promotes The Dark Knight Rises With Mountain Dew Gotham City Campaign
play_circle_filled Hygiene-Promoting Dance Numbers
Hygiene-Promoting Dance Numbers
Kleenex 'Shield Sneeze Swish' Commercial Targets Children
Mopey Reality TV Stars
Mopey Reality TV Stars
The Karin Bubas 'Hills' Art Features Some Sad Blonde Celebrities
play_circle_filled Interactive Beer Films
Interactive Beer Films
The Kokanee 'It's the Movie Out Here' Contest is Making Movie History
Celebrity Rapper Streetwear
Celebrity Rapper Streetwear
Trukfit by Lil Wayne is Headed to Macy's Department Stores
play_circle_filled Trend Hunter Reality Promo
Trend Hunter Reality Promo
Superhero Fashion, Paparazzi Flash Mobs, Tattoos & Augmented Reality
play_circle_filled Reality TV Political Spawn
Reality TV Political Spawn
The Bristol Palin Lifetime Reality Show is Following After Sarah
Kicking Kung-Fu Jeans
Kicking Kung-Fu Jeans
Levi dENiZEN ‘Fighting Spirit’ Edition Denim Cuts the Competitio
play_circle_filled Steamy Stall Spoofs
Steamy Stall Spoofs
De Opvoedingslijn Advertises in Ladies' Room with Embarrassing Sounds
Eclectic Tech Ensembles
Eclectic Tech Ensembles
The Oyster Magazine #97 Editorial Stars a Nonchalant Marihenny Rivera
play_circle_filled Rapper Bar Mitzvah Films
Rapper Bar Mitzvah Films
The Drake HYFR Video Feat Lil Wayne is One Big Party
Rap Remix Blogs
Rap Remix Blogs
The Hip-Hop Humor Tumblr Fuses Everyday Objects with Music Icons
play_circle_filled Facebook Character Tryouts
Facebook Character Tryouts
Sony Offers Opportunity to Become a Player in the Uncharted Audition
Childishly Painted Catalogs
Childishly Painted Catalogs
The Diane von Furstenberg GapKids Collection is Vibrantly Cute
Group-Hug Campaigns
Group-Hug Campaigns
The Big Star Spring/Summer 2012 Line Offers Effortless Style
Musical Fitting Rooms
Musical Fitting Rooms
Listen to What you Wear When StarHub Music Store Merges Tunes with Style
play_circle_filled Paint-Splattering Rap Videos
Paint-Splattering Rap Videos
The Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars ‘Mirror' Video is Thought-Pro
play_circle_filled Exclusive Rap Icon Wear
Exclusive Rap Icon Wear
Lil Wayne's TRUKFIT Clothing Line Sold at Karmaloop
Jubilant Leg-Biting Ads
Jubilant Leg-Biting Ads
The Tom Ford 2012 Campaign Stars the Playful Mirte Maas and Mathias Bergh
Reality TV Christmas Decor
Reality TV Christmas Decor
The Jersey Shore 3-Piece Ornament Set Turns the Holidays Orange
Over-Sized Winter Fashion
Over-Sized Winter Fashion
The Gap Holiday Collection 2011 Instills Warmth
play_circle_filled Plastic Bottle Sportswear
Plastic Bottle Sportswear
Burton and Mountain Dew Team Up to Create Sustainable Clothing
Sugary Sweet Holiday Ads
Sugary Sweet Holiday Ads
GapKids 'I Want Candy' Campaign Features YouTube Star Maria Aragon
One-Liner Ad Heroes
One-Liner Ad Heroes
Nate Dern Becomes 'The Huh? Guy' After AT&T Commercial
Fashionable Kiddie Footwear
Fashionable Kiddie Footwear
Fiorentini + Baker Launches a Juniors Line With Adorable Campaign
74 Reality TV Innovations
74 Reality TV Innovations
From the Kardashians to the Lohans, Reality TV is Taking Over
High Fashion Tots
High Fashion Tots
The Kids by Phillip Lim Fall 2011 Collection Creates Uber Stylish Children
Customized Kiddie Charity Kicks
Customized Kiddie Charity Kicks
The Nike 2011 Doernbecher Freestyle Collection Helps Kids in Need
Devious Chip Promotions
Devious Chip Promotions
Call of Duty's New 'Rank Up' Program Tarnishes an 8-Million-Man Tribe
Reality TV Statistics
Reality TV Statistics
The Jersey Shore Infographic Shows Just How Much Money These Stars Make
21 Red-Hot Reality Star Spreads
21 Red-Hot Reality Star Spreads
These Reality TV Star Editorials are Larger than Life
Religious Reality TV
Religious Reality TV
Ty Adams is the Creator of the Real Housewives of the Bible
Retrofied Interactive Ads
Retrofied Interactive Ads
The Mountain Dew Throwback Shack Marks Classic Taste
play_circle_filled Arcade Skate Parks
Arcade Skate Parks
The Mountain Dew Skate Pinball Ad Features an Epic Extreme Sports Arena
play_circle_filled Vintage Pop Can Ads
Vintage Pop Can Ads
Pepsi and Mountain Dew Bring Back Old Designs and Ingredients
40 Faux Realities
40 Faux Realities
From Mockumentaries to Reality TV and the Joaquin Phoenix Documentary
play_circle_filled Inspirational Viral Auditions
Inspirational Viral Auditions
Zach Anner Takes the Internet by Storm With His Oprah Host Audition
Crowdsourced Movie Roles
Crowdsourced Movie Roles
The Donald Glover Twitter Campaign Pleads the Public for Spider-Man Role
play_circle_filled Celeb Audition Virals
Celeb Audition Virals
The Chris Klein ‘Mamma Mia' Audition is Sure to Entertain
Unlikely Viral Auditions
Unlikely Viral Auditions
Larry Platt Gains Instant Fame With “Pants on the Ground”
play_circle_filled Car Singing Auditions
Car Singing Auditions
The Sony Nav-U Contest Wants You to Belt it Out
play_circle_filled Reality Show Role-Playing
Reality Show Role-Playing
The “American Idol” Experience At Disney World Opens (UPDATE
Freebies For Rival Support
Freebies For Rival Support
Coca-Cola Gives Out Free Drinks to People Who Buy Pepsi Products
play_circle_filled Interactive Virtual Auditions
Interactive Virtual Auditions
Zon Multimedia 'Mobile' Campaign
Make Your Own Glowing Mountain Dew
Make Your Own Glowing Mountain Dew