These Reality TV Star Editorials are Larger than Life

 - Jul 30, 2011
If you're a television tyrant, prepare to be turned on by this bold bunch of reality TV star editorials.

Reality TV has dominated the media; audiences everywhere become the fly on the wall of famous families and figures. Even people who aren't famous have skyrocketed to celebrity status because of their TV time. Photographers everywhere are flocking to these figures to capture their personalities through portraiture. Take a peek at the sizzlin' Maxim snapshots of Jwoww, or the edgy editorials featuring Kim Kardashian.

Get a double dosage of your favorite celebs by browsing through this bunch of hot reality TV star editorials.

Implications - Celebrities infiltrate society heavily through the media, and consumers feel a connection to them. For this reason, they are likely to embrace products or services that are endorsed by a notable celebrity, as they respect their opinions. Companies can appeal to their target markets by arranging to have a celebrity support their brand.