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Interactive music videos create engaging hands-on entertainment

Implications - Both entertainment and interactivity rank high up on the customer engagement spectrum, and now musicians and music video creators are combining the two together, creating an unprecedented way for consumers to enjoy music. Music consumption, like much of the entertainment industry, has become increasingly digital and based on convenience, with less people consuming music through music videos. Thus, these interactive video experiences help to promote an artist's new tracks while engaging the listener not only audibly but also visually, physically and often emotionally, thereby cultivating a more memorable experience.
6 Featured, 53 Examples:
273,951 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Dec 11 — Aug 12
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Shoppable Music Videos
Shoppable Music Videos
The Iggy Azalea 'I Think She Ready' Film is an Interactive Fashion Dream
Montreal-based online boutique Ssense has collaborated with Iggy Azalea to create the first ever shoppable music video. Watching celebs romp around in the hottest ensembles can be drool-inducing,... MORE
Audience-Controlled Music Videos
Audience-Controlled Music Videos
The Chairlift 'Met Before' Video Lets You Choose
One of the reasons why I enjoy games more than life sometimes is because I can control what will happen to my character, which is now the case with music videos, thanks to the Chairlift ‘Met... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Music Videos
Interactive Music Videos
The Matchbox Twenty 'She's So Mean' Clip Can be Moved Around with a Mouse
The Matchbox Twenty ‘She’s So Mean’ music video provides a fun and interactive viewing experience. If you haven’t already tried it, click play to view the video and place... MORE
Zoomable Music Videos
Zoomable Music Videos
The Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Look Around' Video is a Personalized Adventure
Choose your own adventure with the new Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Look Around' interactive music video! Fans of the band will be thrilled to know they can follow their favorite band members into a variety… MORE
Interactive Song Experiences
Interactive Song Experiences
MNDR Music Video Can Be Personalized Via Your Facebook Data
The MNDR music video is a great example of how bands today can engage and interact with their fans. The band has enlisted the agency fourclops to create a video that would offer fans a cool new of... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Dance Parties
Interactive Dance Parties
Arcade Fire's 'Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)' Video is a Riot
Since the release of their third studio album, 'The Suburbs,' Canadian band Arcade Fire have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with on the world stage, and their latest video for the single… MORE

Related Examples

play_circle_filled Protest-Inspired Music Videos
Protest-Inspired Music Videos
The 'Free Pussy Riot' Video by Peaches is Extreme
play_circle_filled 3D Tech-Infused Music Videos
3D Tech-Infused Music Videos
The Maccabees ‘In The Dark’ Performance for VEVO is Artfu
play_circle_filled Crowd-Sourced Music Videos
Crowd-Sourced Music Videos
The Sigur Ros 'Valtari Mystery Film Experiment' Encourages Novelty
play_circle_filled Futuristic Gladiatorial Music Videos
Futuristic Gladiatorial Music Videos
The Justice 'New Lands' Music Video Combines Major Sports
play_circle_filled Smartphone-Filmed Music Videos
Smartphone-Filmed Music Videos
The Jesse Harris ‘I Won’t Wait’ Film Was Made wit
Music-Themed Social Shopping
Music-Themed Social Shopping
Diesel 'Calvi on the Rocks' Facebook Campaign is Interactive
17 Interactive Bus Stop Ads
17 Interactive Bus Stop Ads
From Sweet-Issuing Billboards to Bare Barcode Campaigns
play_circle_filled Live Video Paintings
Live Video Paintings
The 'Sweatshoppe' New Media Art Display is Remarkable
Interactive Fantasy Contests
Interactive Fantasy Contests
The 'Welcome to Rekall' Site Offers Users an Experiential Journey
Artistically Interactive Apps
Artistically Interactive Apps
The Wondereur Ipad App Brings Art to Your Fingertips
play_circle_filled Virtual Dance Apps
Virtual Dance Apps
The Fifth Wall iPad Application is Rhythmic and Hypnotic
Interactive Eyewear Timelines
Interactive Eyewear Timelines
Ray Ban 'Legends Never Hide' Campaign Inspired by Real-Life Stories
play_circle_filled Puppy Pop Singalongs
Puppy Pop Singalongs
The Adorable ‘Call Me Maybe’ Dog Cover is Truly Talented
Interactive Virtual World Simulators
Interactive Virtual World Simulators
The Canon Mixed Reality System is Amazingly Realistic
play_circle_filled Costume-Changing Music Videos
Costume-Changing Music Videos
Eytan & the Embassy Music Video Comprised of 18 Outfits
play_circle_filled Interactive Pop Star Apps
Interactive Pop Star Apps
Teenage Girls Will Love the Justin Bieber for Blippar Collaboration
Sorrowful Psychedelic Celeb Videos
Sorrowful Psychedelic Celeb Videos
The Sigur Rós 'Fjögur Píanó' Video Features
play_circle_filled Whimsical Willy Wonka Songs
Whimsical Willy Wonka Songs
Srslysirius Creates a Catchy Tune from the Popular 1971 Film
play_circle_filled Celebrity Pop Song Duets
Celebrity Pop Song Duets
The Jimmy Fallon Call Me Maybe Music Video is an Ensemble of Joy
play_circle_filled Fan-Fuelled Stop Motion Shorts
Fan-Fuelled Stop Motion Shorts
J Viewz 'Rivers and Homes' Video is Multidimensional
play_circle_filled Fashion Model Rockers
Fashion Model Rockers
Heidi Klum Rocks Out With Her Debut Song ‘Turn Up the Night’
play_circle_filled Horror Film Music Videos
Horror Film Music Videos
Disconnected by Keane is Beautifully Haunting
55 Stunning Stop Motion Shorts
55 Stunning Stop Motion Shorts
From Speedy Aging Videos to DIY Guides to the Craft
play_circle_filled Human Canvas Art Films
Human Canvas Art Films
The 'I Dream of Colour' Music Video Conveys London Artistically
play_circle_filled Femme Fatale Folk Films
Femme Fatale Folk Films
The Father John Misty 'Nancy From Now On' Music Video is Steamy
play_circle_filled Cartoon Acid Music Videos
Cartoon Acid Music Videos
The Death Set 'They Come to Get Us' Video is Bizarre and Pop Icon-Ridden
play_circle_filled Partying Primate Animations
Partying Primate Animations
The Modeselektor Berlin Music Video Depicts a Raving Godzilla
play_circle_filled Plotting Housewife Videos
Plotting Housewife Videos
The Adult by Ceremony Music Video is Reminiscent of Sylvia Plath
Fluorescent Classical Performances
Fluorescent Classical Performances
Rome Arca's Neon Music Video Opts for a Bold Wardrobe and Set
Destroyed Vehicle Auctions
Destroyed Vehicle Auctions
Jay-Z and Kanye Sell the 'Otis' Maybach 57 to the Highest Bidder
play_circle_filled 360-Degree Stop Motion Videos
360-Degree Stop Motion Videos
Gotye ‘Easy Way Out' Film Clip Tells a Spinning Story
10 Beyonce Video Innovations
10 Beyonce Video Innovations
From Pop Princess Retro Revivals to Inaugural Love Songs
play_circle_filled Sound-Bursting Speedway Videos
Sound-Bursting Speedway Videos
Ok Go 'Needing/Getting' on YouTube Brings New Life to the Racetrack
play_circle_filled Desert-Drifting Rap Videos
Desert-Drifting Rap Videos
The MIA ‘Bad Girls' Video Takes Hip-Hop to the Sands
play_circle_filled Paint-Splattering Rap Videos
Paint-Splattering Rap Videos
The Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars ‘Mirror' Video is Thought-Pro
play_circle_filled Robot Music Videos
Robot Music Videos
The 'Androp: World.Words.Lights.' Video Features Bionic Toys
100 Viral Music Videos
100 Viral Music Videos
From Disturbing Drug Depictions to Candid Starlet Videos
play_circle_filled Autobiographical Asylum Videos
Autobiographical Asylum Videos
The Lady Gaga Marry the Night Video is Haunting
play_circle_filled Gritty Undressed Pop Memoirs
Gritty Undressed Pop Memoirs
The Lady Gaga 'Marry the Night' Video is Honest and Eerie
play_circle_filled Epic Mash-Up Movies
Epic Mash-Up Movies
‘Girl Walk // All Day' Presents Girl Talk's Record as a Film
play_circle_filled Comical Corporate Rappers
Comical Corporate Rappers
The ‘Law School Husslin' Crew Boasts Senior Partner Swagger
play_circle_filled Seductive Detective Music Videos
Seductive Detective Music Videos
The Beyonce Dance For You Video Shows Off the Singer's Moves
play_circle_filled Film Director Singers
Film Director Singers
The David Lynch Album 'Crazy Clown Town' Highlights the Director's Talents
Charitable Kaleidoscopic Instruments
Charitable Kaleidoscopic Instruments
Flea x Damien Hirst Bass Guitar is Sold for a Great Cause
Farming-Awareness Films
Farming-Awareness Films
The Karen O 'Abandoned' Chipotle Video Helps Small Country Business
play_circle_filled Cloned Celebrity Music Videos
Cloned Celebrity Music Videos
The Beyonce Countdown Video Features Multiples of the Pop Star
play_circle_filled Rap-Rock Zombie Music Videos
Rap-Rock Zombie Music Videos
The Converse Soulja Boy, Matt & Kim, Andrew WK Song is Collaborative
play_circle_filled Living Landscape Paintings
Living Landscape Paintings
The Bon Iver 'Halocene' Video is an Icelandic Fantasy Land
play_circle_filled Kaleidoscopic Dance Videos
Kaleidoscopic Dance Videos
Band OK Go and Google Team Up for an Interactive Music Video
Morbid Album Art
Morbid Album Art
Damien Hirst Crafts The Red Hot Chili Peppers 'I'm With You' Cover
Famous Imaginary Friends
Famous Imaginary Friends
These 'Daft Gary' Illustrations Turn Daft Punk Into Lovable Buddies
Pop Song Illustrations
Pop Song Illustrations
Minimalist Music Video Posters by Federico Mancosu are Super Unique
Green Celebrity Dream Cars
Green Celebrity Dream Cars
The Tesla Roadster & Stars Who Love It