Ok Go 'Needing/Getting' on YouTube Brings New Life to the Racetrack

The OK Go 'Needing/Getting' music video is another addition to the bizarre and inventive series of videos that this band continues to produce. First it was skating on treadmills, then colorful stop-motion and now racetrack music-making.

Loaded into a car and decked out in colorful attire, OK Go speeds through a track they have built out of musical instruments. As they race by, the car hits musical instruments including pianos, guitars and chimes to create a bass line and melody for the song. Even while drifting and creating clouds of smoke, the band continues to sing and harmonize. 

Somehow the song manages to sounds fantastic as one is left in utter awe of their musical racetrack. The OK Go Needing/Getting music video is one of the most creative and complex ways anyone has ever made music.