The Modeselektor Berlin Music Video Depicts a Raving Godzilla

The music video for the Modeselektor Berlin track is an endearing combination of animation and a satirical perspective of the rave scene. The electronic dance duo create controlled chaos through their audio, entrancing listeners into a riot of liberal dancing. The video follows a chunky Godzilla through his jovial adventure destroying Berlin. The overgrown gorilla trots around in search of Miss Platnum, the featured artist on the track. The beast finally finds her in a basement rave, surrounded by partying paper people. The animation is childlike and adorable, perfectly juxtaposed with the wild action of the rave.

The Modeselektor Berlin track comes from their third studio album, which has been named Album of The Year at UK magazine Clash. The video was created and composed by Swiss artist Fran├žois Chalet. The independent artist wanted the dance duo to perform at his wedding, so offered his masterful animation skills in exchange.