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Divergent Branding

Video content allows creators to experiment with personal branding

Implications - Social media has revolutionized the marketing landscape in recent years, with online video content emerging as an integral way to reach consumers. Specifically, brands and individual celebrities are adopting digital platforms, such as Snapchat or YouTube, to diverge from their normal offering and established branding. Consumers not only love the abbreviated nature of new media; they also enjoy the ability and capacity to see familiar faces and brands in brand-new contexts.
Workshop Question - How is your brand leveraging new media platforms to connect with consumers?
5 Featured, 45 Examples:
69,252 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jan 16 — Jul 16

Featured Examples

Vegan Rapper Cooking Shows
Vegan Rapper Cooking Shows
Waka Flocka Shares His Vegan Recipes with Consumers With Video Segments
Artist and rapper Waka Flocka recently teamed up with Munchies to provide consumers with a vegan-themed cooking show where the creative shares some of his favorite meat-free and dairy-free recipes.... MORE
Sports Brand Original Series
Sports Brand Original Series
Nike's Margot vs Lily Show Encourages Sport & Fitness as a Lifestyle
Nike is always on the cutting edge when it comes to both its products and campaigns; the latest of the latter involves an 8-episode original series that essentially takes on the Netflix phenomenon.... MORE
play_circle_filled Laughable App-Filtered Duets
Laughable App-Filtered Duets
Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon Had Fun with Comedic Snapchat Filters
Pop star Ariana Grande and talk show host Jimmy Fallon made a music video together using comedic Snapchat filters. When watching their remake of Ariana’s ‘Into You,’ it’s... MORE
play_circle_filled Celebrity-Branded Workouts
Celebrity-Branded Workouts
Serena Williams & Kevin Hart Team Up for a Nike App Workout
Tennis phenomenon Serena Williams and comedian Kevin Hart team up to make a workout for NTC, a Nike app used for training. The commercial featuring the duo discussing what to name the workout... MORE
play_circle_filled Stylish Survival Webseries
Stylish Survival Webseries
The 'End Times Girls Club' Offers Tips for Keeping Cute Post-Apocalypse
The ‘End Times Girls Club’ is a quirky YouTube series from Rose Schlossberg and Mara Nelson-Greenberg that’s branded as “your ultimate guide to a popular survival” post-... MORE

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Comedian-Named Sneakers
Comedian-Named Sneakers
The Kevin Hart Nike Shoes are Perfect for Versatile Athletic Training
Athletic Comedian Run Campaigns
Athletic Comedian Run Campaigns
Kevin Hart's Run with Hart Program is Part of the Nike Run Club
Natural Movement Sport Ads
Natural Movement Sport Ads
The Nike Revolution in Motion Campaign Stars Serena Williams and More
Lip-Syncing Celebrity Covers
Lip-Syncing Celebrity Covers
This Rihanna Work Cover Features Kendall, Cara and Kevin Hart
Viral Video Creation Services
Viral Video Creation Services
This Company Produces Viral Video Series' for TV and the Web
Pot Lid-Holding Gadgets
Pot Lid-Holding Gadgets
The 'LidSitter' Inhibits Burns and Drips During Cooking
Quick-Cooking Pasta
Quick-Cooking Pasta
Racconto's Bella Terra Rapido is an Organic No-Boil, No-Drain Pasta
Inclusive Student Micro Dwellings
Inclusive Student Micro Dwellings
The 'Nano Studio' Micro Apartment Design is 140-Square-Feet
Portable Fire Pits
Portable Fire Pits
This Cube-Shaped Fire Basket is Made of Steel and is Completely Transportable
Air-Circulating Kitchen Racks
Air-Circulating Kitchen Racks
The Kitchenatics Rack is Designed to Cook Food from Both Sides
Prehistoric Oven Mitts
Prehistoric Oven Mitts
The Tyrannosaurus Rex Kitchen Glove Turns Hands into the Carnivorous Dino
Animalistic Cooking Oils
Animalistic Cooking Oils
These 'EPIC Provisions' Animal Oils are Made from Ducks, Cattle and Pigs
Plant-Based Egg Alternatives
Plant-Based Egg Alternatives
These Vegan Eggs Offer the Same Taste and Texture of Real Eggs
Savory Vegetarian Pastes
Savory Vegetarian Pastes
This Umami Flavor Enhancer Adds a New Dimension to Savory Dishes
play_circle_filled Empowering Automotive Ads
Empowering Automotive Ads
The MINI USA 'Defy Labels' Super Bowl 50 Ad Stars Six Celebrities
play_circle_filled Car-Centric Comedy Skits
Car-Centric Comedy Skits
Portlandia and Subaru Collaborated on a Funny Web Series
Smartphone TV Programs
Smartphone TV Programs
Priyanka Chopra is Producing an Indian Mobile Series Airing January 22
Stylish Compression Tights
Stylish Compression Tights
The Nike Power Speed Tight Helps People Run Faster
Branded Skate Park Pop-Ups
Branded Skate Park Pop-Ups
The Nike SB Garage Recently Opened Its Doors in Brooklyn
Galactic Running Routes
Galactic Running Routes
These Running Maps are Designed to Look Like Characters from Star Wars
Poverty-Aiding Fashion Campaigns
Poverty-Aiding Fashion Campaigns
Creatives Competed to Create a Holiday Campaign for FEED Fashion
Celebrity Athlete Stores
Celebrity Athlete Stores
Chicago's Jordan Brand Shop Boasts Exclusive Shoes & An Invite-Only Court
Winter Running Apparel
Winter Running Apparel
The Nike Flash Pack Has Warm & Visible Jackets, Vests and Shoes
Customized Sneaker Expansions
Customized Sneaker Expansions
Nike ID Comes to Canada in Time for the Holiday Season
Expanding Sportswear Online Shops
Expanding Sportswear Online Shops Finally Delivers to Canada
play_circle_filled Snow-Filled Sportswear Ads
Snow-Filled Sportswear Ads
The Nike Snow Day Campaign Encourages People to "Get Out Here"
play_circle_filled Adult Snow Day Ads
Adult Snow Day Ads
The 'Nike: Snow Day' Ad Features Iconic Athletes Enjoying Winter Sports
Tennis Star Tribute Art
Tennis Star Tribute Art
This New York Studio Pays Tribute to Serena Williams with 21 Pieces of Art
Barbershop R&B Covers
Barbershop R&B Covers
Jimmy Fallon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Pay Tribute to Rihanna
play_circle_filled Athlete-Mimicking Commercials
Athlete-Mimicking Commercials
David Beckham and Kevin Hart Star in This Comedic H&M Ad
play_circle_filled Educational Finance Cartoons
Educational Finance Cartoons
Bank of America's Money-Saving Videos Feature Tips to Cut Spending
play_circle_filled Pizza-Promoting Gaming Networks
Pizza-Promoting Gaming Networks
The Legends of Gaming Channel is Sponsored by Pizza Hut
Blogger-Hosted Teen Programs
Blogger-Hosted Teen Programs
The Disney Channel Vlog Shares Celeb, Fashion and Music News
play_circle_filled Satiric Science Web Series
Satiric Science Web Series
This Female-Oriented Web Series was Created by Amy Poehler
play_circle_filled Comedic Branded Webisodes
Comedic Branded Webisodes
Schick's MsLabelled YouTube Web Series Targets Millennial Women
Viral Celebrity Covers
Viral Celebrity Covers
Jimmy Fallon and His Celebrity Guests Perform Acapella We are the Champions
Branded Personal Trainer Apps
Branded Personal Trainer Apps
The N+TC Nike Training Club App Helps People Stay on Track
play_circle_filled Inspiring Tennis Star Ads
Inspiring Tennis Star Ads
This Serena Williams Ad for Beats By Dre Will Inspire and Motivate You
play_circle_filled Musical Celebrity Impressions
Musical Celebrity Impressions
The Adam Levine Jimmy Fallon Appearance Involved Random Song Covers
play_circle_filled Acapella Pop Star Videos
Acapella Pop Star Videos
Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Perform A Late-Night 'We Can't Stop' Cover
Broadway-Enhanced Rap Songs
Broadway-Enhanced Rap Songs
The Jimmy Fallon Ariana Grande Duo Put a Spin on Popular Rap Music
Kid-Friendly Pop Spoofs
Kid-Friendly Pop Spoofs
Jimmy Fallon and Robin Thicke Get Childlike in This Blurred Lines Spoof
play_circle_filled Newscaster Spoof Songs
Newscaster Spoof Songs
Jimmy Fallon & Brian Williams Make the U.S. Financial Cliff Into a Slow Jam
play_circle_filled Mixed Music Genre Covers
Mixed Music Genre Covers
The Jimmy Fallon Late Night Barbershop Quartet is Reggae Fabulous
play_circle_filled Celebrity Pop Song Duets
Celebrity Pop Song Duets
The Jimmy Fallon Call Me Maybe Music Video is an Ensemble of Joy