Jimmy Fallon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Pay Tribute to Rihanna

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: youtu.be & mashable
Jimmy Fallon's 'Ragtime Gals' are back, this time paying special tribute to Rihanna. The hilarious old-style musical group mocks the traditional barbershop quartet, often bringing along celebrity pals to join in on the fun. The ironic part about the sketch is that this older musical tradition is used to cover contemporary pop music.

The newest cover by the Fallon-lead quartet welcomes special guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The group covered the current hit 'B*tch Better Have my Money,' a song known to have an aggressive attitude when sung by Rihanna. The humor lies in the contrast between the original version of the song and this parodied iteration.

To add to the fun, Fallon and the crew are dressed in multicolored blazers, hats and bowties. The most impressive part is how the group holds in their laughter throughout the hilarious bit.