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Branded Accountability

Some brands take responsibility for their own inaction on issues of justice

Trend - Consumer pressure has made brands and institutions more aware that their past unwillingness to address the inequality that they help perpetuate, both internally and in society at large, is no longer an option. Some brands are aiming to change by taking significant financial and/or representation-based measures that aim for the equal treatment and success of visible minorities and women.

Insight - Now that the lines between activists and the average consumer have blurred due to increased education and general public knowledge of social issues, consumers expect that brands make effective changes to rectify their mistakes and complicity in the various issues plaguing the world today. Consumers expect more than lip service from brands when they’re addressing their mistakes, and instead expect that significant systemic changes are made in order to balance the scales and mitigate the favouring of certain demographics over others.
Workshop Question - How is your brand making internal changes that reflect the push for real, systemic change?
5 Featured, 44 Examples:
27,021 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Dec 19 — Sep 20
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Consumer Insight Topics:

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The Autodesk University 2018 Highlights Video Celebrates Change
Anti-Racist Costume Campaigns
Anti-Racist Costume Campaigns
The #NotaCostume Campaign Asks People to Dress Respectfully
play_circle_filled Engaging Kids with Taboo Topics
Engaging Kids with Taboo Topics
Liz Kleinrock's Talk on Taboos is Informative and Constructive
Anti-Racist Charitable Apparel
Anti-Racist Charitable Apparel
Schnayderman's New STMF Collection is Inspired by a Slogan
Reappropriated Memorial Centers
Reappropriated Memorial Centers
Transborder Will Rebuild a Nazi Building for Holocaust Remembrance