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Discover why 1,168 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 335,865 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Airline Entertainment

Airlines create an enjoyable traveler experience by revamping required tasks

Implications - Looking to breathe life into the mundane routines of air travel, airlines are adding an entertaining twist to activities like safety procedures. This change not only serves to create a more positive experience for customers, but also allows these brands to develop a more approachable feel.
Workshop Question - What is the most mundane part of your industry? How can you revamp that aspect through gamification or stimulation?
5 Featured, 44 Examples:
134,402 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Nov 14 — Jun 15
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Adventurous In-Flight Safety Videos
Adventurous In-Flight Safety Videos
Air New Zealand Embraces Its Surfing Culture for Passengers
The Air New Zealand in-flight safety video has been revamped in a fun and exciting way. While Air France embraced its Parisian stereotype in all the right ways for its glamorous take on the... MORE
play_circle_filled Airline Seating Pranks
Airline Seating Pranks
WestJet SmartSeats Commercial Fakes Self-Boarding Chairs for April Fool’s
Imagine if airline seating were redesigned as mobile recliners that moved freely from the airport waiting room, through the gangway and into the cabin. WestJet #SmartSeats have been announced in a... MORE
Improved In-Flight Entertainment
Improved In-Flight Entertainment
Virgin America Will Install Surround Sound on Planes Via Dysonics
Delivering better experiences to travellers while still remaining economical is a challenge for many airlines, yet Virgin America might have figured out a solid solution for their recently improved... MORE
play_circle_filled Heartwarming Headrest Messages
Heartwarming Headrest Messages
KLM's Cover Greetings Surprises Passengers with Personalized Notes
The Cover Greetings campaign surprised airline travelers with personal messages from their friends and families on the backs of their headrests. KLM collaborated with Amsterdam Airport Schipol on... MORE
play_circle_filled Familial Safety Videos
Familial Safety Videos
TAM Airlines' Safety Videos Star Travelers' Loved Ones
Although airline safety videos can be easy to tune out, TAM Airlines made sure all eyes were watching when it aired its instructional videos over the holidays. Knowing that Christmas and New Year&#... MORE

Related Examples

play_circle_filled Personalized Inflight Magazines
Personalized Inflight Magazines
TAM Airlines Created Customized Reading Material for Travelers
High-Tech Airline Seats
High-Tech Airline Seats
Panasonic's X Series 'Jazz Seats' Entertain and Charge Devices
Car-Inspired Aircraft Cabins
Car-Inspired Aircraft Cabins
The Mercedes Benz and Lufthansa Cabin Celebrates German Design
Augmented Reality Commuter Screens
Augmented Reality Commuter Screens
The Seat Back Entertainment on Glasgow Shuttle Buses is Hi-Tech
Airplane Tablet Clips
Airplane Tablet Clips
The TabCaddy Clip from Skycast Solutions is a Removable Tablet Holder
Luxe Flight Services
Luxe Flight Services
The Etihad Residences Class Mimics Expensive Hotel Accomodations
In-Flight Meditation Programs
In-Flight Meditation Programs
British Airways Aims to Mindfully Improve Passenger Well-Being
Selfie Camera-Equipped Vehicles
Selfie Camera-Equipped Vehicles
The Honda Selfie Car May or May Not Be an April Fool's Day Joke
Glamorous In-Flight Safety Videos
Glamorous In-Flight Safety Videos
Air France Creates a Chic Alternative to Mundane Safety Demos
Jetliner Festival Shuttles
Jetliner Festival Shuttles
The Delta SXSW Party Plane from LA to Austin is Invite Only
play_circle_filled Surprise Valentine's Proposals
Surprise Valentine's Proposals
WestJet Helped Two Torontonians Pull Off a Romantic Proposal
Compartmentalized Airline Cabins
Compartmentalized Airline Cabins
Korean Air's Prestige Suites Feature More Space and Privacy
Virtual Reality Airlines
Virtual Reality Airlines
Qantas and Samsung Collaborate to Offer Virtual Reality in the Air
play_circle_filled Inspiring Influencer Webisodes
Inspiring Influencer Webisodes
Westjet's Above and Beyond Series Highlights Inspiring Individuals
First Class Tour Apps
First Class Tour Apps
Virgin Atlantic Airways Launches Augmented Reality Planeview App
Family Flying Cabins
Family Flying Cabins
Thomson Airways Aims to Make Family Travel More Comfortable
play_circle_filled Sultry Safety Videos
Sultry Safety Videos
Air New Zealand's Safety Video Makes Boring Procedures Entertaining
play_circle_filled Tearjerking Christmas Videos
Tearjerking Christmas Videos
WestJet's 'Christmas Miracle' Brought Snow to the Dominican Republic
Mile High Accommodations
Mile High Accommodations
The KLM Airplane Airbnb Brings In-Flight Entertainment to the Next Level
Luxury Airplane Apartments
Luxury Airplane Apartments
KLM Converted An Aircraft Into a Luxury Apartment
play_circle_filled Flight Simulation Billboards
Flight Simulation Billboards
This Travel Billboard from KLM Turns the Public into Pilots
play_circle_filled Morbid Safety Videos
Morbid Safety Videos
This Halloween Safety Video Points Out More Dumb Ways to Die
In-Flight Musical Meal Pairing
In-Flight Musical Meal Pairing
British Airwaves Curated a Flavor-Boosting Playlist to Go With Food
Windowless Plane Concepts
Windowless Plane Concepts
This Plane Concept Could Revolutionize Air Travel
play_circle_filled Middle Earth Airline Commercials
Middle Earth Airline Commercials
Air New Zealand's Flight Safety Video is Inspired by The Hobbit
play_circle_filled Travel Aid Campaigns
Travel Aid Campaigns
KLM's Happy to Help Campaign Assists KLM & Non-KLM Travelers
play_circle_filled Valet Parking Pranks
Valet Parking Pranks
Volvo's Car Prank Preys on a New Valet on His First Day on the Job
play_circle_filled Airline Assistant Dogs
Airline Assistant Dogs
KLM's Lost and Found Service is Run by an Adorable Dog
play_circle_filled Remote High-Five Challenges
Remote High-Five Challenges
KLM's Fun Campaign Challenged People to Virtually High Five Someone
play_circle_filled Pet-Centric Airline Channels
Pet-Centric Airline Channels
British Airways Has a New In-Flight TV Channel That's All About Pets
play_circle_filled Subway Spa Pranks
Subway Spa Pranks
Improv Everywhere Set Up a Relaxing Spa Prank on the Subway
play_circle_filled Travel Mentorship Campaigns
Travel Mentorship Campaigns
This Netherlands Travel Campaign Teaches Americans How to Be Cool
play_circle_filled Grown-Ups Play, Kids Win!
Grown-Ups Play, Kids Win!
Support Capital One® Race for Kids on May 31st
play_circle_filled Flight Time Alteration Pranks
Flight Time Alteration Pranks
This WestJet April Fools Joke Changes AM and PM Depatures to Metric
Viral Campaign Recap Charts
Viral Campaign Recap Charts
This Graphic Examines the Best of Brands on Social Media in 2013
play_circle_filled Festive Airline Publicity Stunts
Festive Airline Publicity Stunts
The WestJet Christmas Miracle Answered Passengers' Wishes
play_circle_filled Catchy Airplane Safety Musicals
Catchy Airplane Safety Musicals
The Virgin America New Safety Video Will Get You Dancing
play_circle_filled Infectious Safety Music Videos
Infectious Safety Music Videos
Virgin America's Safety Video Will Get You Into the Groove
Flighty Blind Dates
Flighty Blind Dates
The Air New Zealand Blind Gate Promotes the Airline's 'Cuddle Class'
play_circle_filled Hobbit-Themed Security Films
Hobbit-Themed Security Films
The Air New Zealand Safety Video is the Video to Rule Them All
play_circle_filled In-Flight Safety Videos
In-Flight Safety Videos
The Air New Zealand Campaign Features Ed O’Neill & Melanie Lynskey
Social Media Seat Mate Services
Social Media Seat Mate Services
The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Lets You Choose Your Flight Partner
Inflatable Auto Seating
Inflatable Auto Seating
The Easy Car Seat is a Highly Portable Child Safety Seat
play_circle_filled Candid Camera Commercials
Candid Camera Commercials
The Humorously Akward KLM Personal Space Experiment