This Graphic Examines the Best of Brands on Social Media in 2013

This Unmetric infographic takes a step back to look at 2013 in review to determine awesome things brands on social media did. The graphic is broken down by month and highlights some of the most notable videos, hashtags, campaigns and events that went viral.

Some of the memorable moments from 2013 definitely include the Van Damme Epic Split from Volvo, Virgin's fun and instructional safety video, Dove's Real Beauty Sketches and Kmart's 'Ship My Pants' video.

While some of these great social media moments were highly planned out, some of them were more or less out of the brand's hands, like Hostess seeing a 40% growth in fans after Twinkies made a comeback and Burger King's Twitter account being hacked, which brought on 30,000 new followers.