This WestJet April Fools Joke Changes AM and PM Depatures to Metric

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: westjet & youtube
With April first here, it's time for the annual WestJet April Fool's joke. This year, WestJet changes all flight times from the pesky AM/PM system and embrace the metric time system. WestJet found that people were missing their flights by mixing up if their flights were in the AM or PM. With the metric system being the standard measurement in Canada, WestJet felt it is appropriate to embrace metric in a fuller force.

This WestJet April Fool's joke comes after many others and doesn't disappoint in the laughs department. Metric time is added to the other customer service pranks such as allowing pets in the cabins and child-free cabins with 'Kargo Kids.' WestJets April Fools pranks show how WestJet is a fun airline to fly with and that WestJet owners care about their customers.