- Dec 3, 2015
Branded holiday experiences are an ideal opportunity for companies to engage consumers in festive activities and give back to the community. From branded pop-up lounges that will help you with your Christmas shopping list to experiential brand campaigns inspired by some of the season's best films, there are plenty of creative ways for brands to showcase their values and engage consumers in a truly meaningful and interesting way.

Falling in line with holiday traditions in London, the Stella Artois 'Give Beautifully' campaign recently revealed they had partnered with Broadgate skating rink to sponsor festive activities for skaters to partake in. The headline sponsor of this year's Broadgate skate, Stella Artois will host a series of Christmas-themed events at the rink throughout the 2015 holiday season.

Separately, Levi's recently teamed up with Goodwill for a charitable campaign that showcases true spirit of Christmas. For every box of clothing donated to Goodwill, Levi's will gift the brand with $5.

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