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Selling Sympathy

Heartfelt sharing campaigns utilize kindness to connect with consumers

Implications - With brands often featuring ads that center around product placement and aesthetic appeal, consumers are looking to more emotionally enticing concepts that allow for a relatable connection. Commercials that feature sharing and kindness provide features of good will and graciousness that people constantly strive for, appealing to a consumer's need for more honest and down-to-earth approaches.
6 Featured, 53 Examples:
379,688 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jun 13 — Feb 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Sweet-Sharing Promotions
Sweet-Sharing Promotions
MILKA Helps People Show Love by Sharing the Last Square of Chocolate
Chocolate brand MILKA knows that the best piece of a chocolate is always the last square of chocolate. In order to spread awareness of the tenderness of its chocolate bars, the brand actually put... MORE
Guerrilla Fact-Sharing Campaigns
Guerrilla Fact-Sharing Campaigns
This Campaign Shares Crazy Facts to Promote the Big Bang UK Fair
The ‘Guerrilla Science’ campaign for the The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair is a fun way to remind people of how integral science, math, technology and engineering are... MORE
play_circle_filled Warmth-Sharing Campaigns
Warmth-Sharing Campaigns
SOS Mayday Asks: Would You Give Up Your Jacket to a Child in Need?
SOS Mayday set up an interesting social experiment asking Norwegian people: would you give up your jacket to a young boy who was alone and shivering at a bus stop without one? When the boy was... MORE
Happiness-Dispensing ATMs
Happiness-Dispensing ATMs
The ATM of Happiness Gives Out Free Money and Encourages Sharing
Instead of withdrawing money from your bank account, ‘The ATM of Happiness’ or ‘El Cajero de la Felicidad’ gives you money for free. Set up in Spain, the ATM of Happiness... MORE
Heartwarming Cab-Sharing Campaigns
Heartwarming Cab-Sharing Campaigns
This Coca-Cola Christmas Ad Encourages Sharing Taxi Rides
It wouldn’t be Christmas without a heartwarming Coca-Cola Christmas ad and this one truly communicates the joy of sharing. This year, Coca-Cola teamed up with the DAVID ad agency to set up... MORE
play_circle_filled Dramatic Fry-Sharing Ads
Dramatic Fry-Sharing Ads
The French Fries Story Depicts a Tale of Golden Fries and Friendship
Set in a picturesque park, the French Fries Story is a dramatic commercial for McDonald’s fries created by advertising agency DDB Ukraine. A man is enjoying a stroll beside the stream and... MORE

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Atomic Wristwatches
Atomic Wristwatches
Bathys' Atomic Watches Keep Time with a Cesium 133 Atom
Cartoonish Letter Characters
Cartoonish Letter Characters
Nickelodeon Popcorn by Berd Targets Youthful Television Viewers
Videogame Nursery Book Modifications
Videogame Nursery Book Modifications
These Covers Re-Imagine Classic Games as Little Golden Books
play_circle_filled Reality Constructing LEGO Experiments
Reality Constructing LEGO Experiments
Google Build Lets Anybody Be an Architect
Rubberband Weapon Frameworks
Rubberband Weapon Frameworks
The StixToy Gun by Colin O’Dowd is Made with Fathers in Mind
Bruised Doll Art Projects
Bruised Doll Art Projects
Samantha Humphreys' Barbie Doll Art Series Addresses Adult Topics
play_circle_filled Recasted Oscar Films
Recasted Oscar Films
The Kid Oscars 2014 Series Reimagines the Biggest Movies of the Year
Adorable Egg-Shaping Devices
Adorable Egg-Shaping Devices
These Egg Molds Turn Your Eggs into Cute Little Critters
play_circle_filled Children's Cartoons Comic Mashups
Children's Cartoons Comic Mashups
The Watchmen Get the Spongebob Squarepants Treatment
Fridge Door-Closing Reminders
Fridge Door-Closing Reminders
These Little Critters Remind You to Close the Fridge Door
Ugly Holiday Sweater Creators
Ugly Holiday Sweater Creators
Coca-Cola's Sweater Battle Will Crown the Ugliest Christmas Sweater
play_circle_filled Workout-Encouraging Taxis
Workout-Encouraging Taxis
Coca-Cola Chile Set Up Incentive to Exercise Inside Taxis
Materializing Ice Merchandizing
Materializing Ice Merchandizing
The Coca-Cola Chill Activated Can Indicates the Drink's Ideal Temp
Gamma Ray Basketball Sneakers
Gamma Ray Basketball Sneakers
The Nike LeBron 11 'Gamma Blue' is Inspired by Science
play_circle_filled Water Purifying Kiosks
Water Purifying Kiosks
Coca-Cola's EKOCENTER Aims to Improve Quality of Life in Developing Nations
play_circle_filled Amusing Musical Swing Sets
Amusing Musical Swing Sets
The Baloica Sound Exhibit Adds Some Swinging Musical Notes to Your Day
Einstein Brain Lamps
Einstein Brain Lamps
This Einstein Brain-in-a-Jar Lamp is Handmade and Very Freaky
Eye-Popping 3D Nails
Eye-Popping 3D Nails
The Nail Art Wrap Set Comes with 3D Glasses for Your 3D Nails
Emotional Sci-Fi Paintings
Emotional Sci-Fi Paintings
'A Life in Paint' by Gregory Manchess Shows Life Stoke by Stoke
Powerfully Iconic Ads
Powerfully Iconic Ads
These Eye-Catching Advertising Prints Have Lasted the Ages
Beautifully Weaved 3D Art (UPDATE)
Beautifully Weaved 3D Art (UPDATE)
Shane Hope Repurposes the 3D Printer to Make Awesome Art
play_circle_filled TV-Tweeted Dinner Invitations
TV-Tweeted Dinner Invitations
Coca-Cola's 'Let's Eat Together' Ad Invites Diners Over with the TV
Whimsical Gelato Boutiques
Whimsical Gelato Boutiques
The Rocambolesc Gelateria is a Charming Ice Cream Factory
Temperature-Tracking Tattoos
Temperature-Tracking Tattoos
Bionic Skin Can Detect the Human Body's Internal Temperature
play_circle_filled People-Miniaturizing Campaigns
People-Miniaturizing Campaigns
The Coca-Cola 'Mini-Me' Campaign Shrinks People Using 3D Printing
Confectionery Stationery
Confectionery Stationery
Chocolate Bars Wrapped in Foil Make for Sweet Greeting Cards
Retro Cola Coolers
Retro Cola Coolers
This Vintage Coke Cooler is Perfect for Nostalgic Soda Lovers
Pause Button Packaging
Pause Button Packaging
'SchokoPause' Creates One-Touch Wrapper Designs
Booze-Based Confections
Booze-Based Confections
A Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Chocolate Bar is Filled with the Real Stuff
World-Changing Invention Anthologies
World-Changing Invention Anthologies
'Why Didn't I Think of That?' Highlights the Best Inventions
play_circle_filled Unconventional Candy Commericals
Unconventional Candy Commericals
Elite Chocolate is Promoted by Anyone Who Enjoys Chocolate
Vintage Video Game Chocolates
Vintage Video Game Chocolates
These Chocolate Molds Resemble Retro Game Controllers
Soda Delivery Services
Soda Delivery Services
The 'Coke2Home' Program Brings Happiness Straight to Your Door
Clever Soda Couture
Clever Soda Couture
Raymond Waters Has Designed a Coke Tapestry and Bottle Cap Dress
Smiling Soda Cans
Smiling Soda Cans
The Coke 'Happy Can' Smiles at You When Opened
Giant French Fry Orders
Giant French Fry Orders
The Japan McDonald's Mega Potato Could Feed an Army
play_circle_filled Conflict-Resolving Pop Machines
Conflict-Resolving Pop Machines
Coca-Cola's 'Small World Machines' Connects Indians and Pakistanis
play_circle_filled Friendly Flag-Sharing Ads
Friendly Flag-Sharing Ads
Coca-Cola's 'Happy Flags' Celebrate the World's Happiest Country
play_circle_filled Music-Making Bevarage Ads
Music-Making Bevarage Ads
The Coca Cola Ad Explored Recording Sounds of Joy Around Tokyo
Artful Fast-Food Packaging
Artful Fast-Food Packaging
These Painted French Fry Containers Reference Pop Culture Iconography
Hunger Harnessing Chocolate Commercials
Hunger Harnessing Chocolate Commercials
This Snickers Football Commercial Features Robin Williams
Personified Chocolate Commercials
Personified Chocolate Commercials
In this M&M's Commercial the Brown M&M Sets Up the Red M&M
play_circle_filled Sauce-Squeezing Fry Sleeves
Sauce-Squeezing Fry Sleeves
The Ketchup Presser Makes Eating French Fries Less Messy
Karaoke-Inducing Cola Machines
Karaoke-Inducing Cola Machines
The Coca Cola Interactive Vending Machine Gives Gifts for Songs
Interactive Pop Dispensers
Interactive Pop Dispensers
The Koolatron Soda Vending Fridge is a Playful Drink Cooler
play_circle_filled Worldwide Gift-Giving Ads
Worldwide Gift-Giving Ads
The 'Hilltop Re-Imagined for Coca Cola' Ad Modernizes an Old Commercial
play_circle_filled Clamor-Collecting Campaigns
Clamor-Collecting Campaigns
The Cheering Truck by Coca-Cola Records Fans' Love for the Soccer Team
Disguised Dessert Chips
Disguised Dessert Chips
These French Fry-Shaped Cakes are a Sweet Take on Savory Snacks
Fabulous Fast Food Trinkets
Fabulous Fast Food Trinkets
Indulge in Guilt-Free Fries with the Louise Gray x Asos Jewelry Line
Fast Food Beauty Products
Fast Food Beauty Products
The French Fry Lip Balm Will Have You Licking Your Lips
French Fry Marathons
French Fry Marathons
Chris Verschueren Sets 83-Hour World Cooking Record
French Fry Phones
French Fry Phones
A Side Order Landline for Conversational Munchies
Fancy French Fry Holder
Fancy French Fry Holder
Dine Art