The Coca-Cola Chill Activated Can Indicates the Drink's Ideal Temp

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: us.coca-cola & thedieline
Like many refreshing drinks, coke is best enjoyed at a nice cold temperature. To guarantee the most pleasurable sipping experience, the Coca-Cola Chill Activated Can visually informs the consumer when the beverage is in its most delicious state. To accomplish this, the designers made use of thermochromatic ink that changes color when it drops below 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

The front of the 16 fluid-ounce pop can has been rebranded with the bold silhouette of a voluptuous pint glass, suggesting full-bodied flavor to entice the drinker. This outline is completely filled in with a crisp white color, completely disguising the presence of the elusive ice cube icons. After sufficient refrigeration, the Coca-Cola Chill Activated Can packaging reveals three bright blue cubes as an atypically intriguing and engaging element to consumables' containers.