Samantha Humphreys' Barbie Doll Art Series Addresses Adult Topics

 - Feb 24, 2014
References: samhumphreys & buzzfeed
Samantha Humphreys is a student artist who addresses adult subject matter in her 'What If?' Barbie doll art series. One of the major questions posed in the series is: "What if we were to teach our children about the harsh realities that face so many in life?"

The gritty Barbie portraits explore tough issues like domestic abuse, infidelity, loneliness, illness and addiction, by juxtaposing the perfect image of Barbie with the less-than-glamorous realities that some adults face. Although the series is not meant for kids, Humphreys' series is meant to bring into question why young children are exposed to unrealistic projections of adulthood when they are younger.

Humphreys' 'What If?' series was recently part of the Speaking Out Exhibition at Embrace Arts, hosted by the University of Leicester.