Shane Hope Repurposes the 3D Printer to Make Awesome Art

 - Sep 30, 2013
References: & gizmodo
Artist Shane Hope uses the RepRap 3D printer to create amazing, abstract 3D art. Previously, Hope experimented with 3D printing with his ‘Nano-Nonobjective-Oriented Ontographs and Oubit-Built Quilts’ collection. Now, Hope is back with a new series of paintings that were unveiled at the New York Maker Faire. Hope uses the printer to weave beautiful visual patterns out of acrylic and pigment, which are then printed onto a canvas.

The result is a colorfully abstract array of molecular paintings that you can’t take your eyes off of. Of course, Hope does not consider himself a scientist, merely saying, "Doing science proper I am not. I’m repurposing the representational rubrics of molecular visualization just enough to relay to viewers a sense of how hacking matter happens." Although I’m not entirely certain what this sentence means, the work itself is absolutely stunning.