From Eye-Controlled Lights to Crystal Memory-Themed Curation

 - Nov 14, 2012
Interactive installations are works of art that, on their own, are brilliant -- but with the help of the viewers, interactive art becomes something grandeur.

Displays can be viewed from afar, altered as you participate with them or completely be reliant on audience participation. For instance, some light art pieces require people to walk by and cast shadows, while others just need people to walk in, through and around the piece to take it in. Interactive installations encourage the creative process and the idea that art is a collaborative practice. Participants who may normally shy away from interacting are given free reign to do as they please and the results are spectacular.

Interactive installations are meant to be explored, played with and to create an ambiance of fun and excitement. The installations are not to be left alone, but to become a part of an experience for the participant.

Interactive installations come in all shapes and forms and the next time you see one around, join in and be a part of it.