Alyson Shotz's 'Sine' Exhibit is Made of a Elaborate String Patterns

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: artnet & mymodernmet
Alyson Shotz's 'Sine' exhibit at New York's Derek Eller Gallery showcases the artist's latest work via her elaborate yarn-based patterns. The strings are woven atop one another to produce a three-dimensional effect, instantly entrancing viewers as the shapes appear to pop off the white walls.

A series of pins have been used by Shotz to support her embossed pieces. The Derek Eller community has devoted two of its walls to Sine, both of which have been coated with the dark blue threads.

The noted 3D aspect comes from the wide shadows. Dark silhouettes give off the appearance of depth and weight despite the thin composition of the strands. She draws inspiration from science and the solar system, accounting for the UFO-like shape of these structures.