Kelly Richardson Integrates Landscapes and Her Audience

 - Nov 10, 2012
References: mydarkenedeyes.tumblr & mymodernmet
Canadian artist Kelly Richardson brings blue neon lights to a landscape of trees swaying in the wind with her 'Erudition' piece.

Erudition is a concept piece that uses holographic images to create a visual landscape on walls. The gigantic landscapes are bright and give off an immense amount of shining light. When a person goes close to the images, a shadow is created and becomes a part of the artwork. From one perspective, it can appear that the person is within the landscape, and when the person walks around, it seems like they are strolling through the area.

Richardson’s ‘Erudition’ is stunning because it unifies the artist, artwork and the audience. Kelly Richardson's show is an integrated experience, and a memorable one at that.