Incubation by Jennifer Rubell Comments on Creation of Art and Food

 - Feb 12, 2012
References: jenniferrubell & psfk
Incubation by Jennifer Rubell is an installation that combines interactive art with a culinary experience. As its title suggests, it centers around a fabricated hospital nursery that is set outdoors. Nevertheless, in place of nurtured babies, two female nurses are caring for containers of yogurt. Onlookers watch in anticipation and delight as the yogurt is readied for their consumption. They are then invited to collect honey that drips from the ceiling for a sweeter dish.

Although tasty and fun, Incubation by Jennifer Rubell touches on some fundamental ideas about the creation of art, food and life. According to the New York City-based artist, who often works with food, "The work generally explores a rarely depicted side of the creative act, the process of waiting, receiving, passivity."