Giant Shoes Uses Everyday Products to Make Social Criticisms

 - Nov 12, 2012
References: vasconcelosversailles & mymodernmet
The Joana Vasconcelos series ‘Shoes’ is an assembly of giant shoes made of metallic cookware.

‘Shoes’ is constructed from hundreds of stainless steel pots, pans and lids. Once arranged together, the form of a gigantic stiletto is visible. These shoes have magnetic quality, as they are shiny and reflective. People who seek to see the giant shoes are able to intermingle with the objects and the shoes at large.

The concept of ‘Shoes’ is to provoke the viewer to look past the materials, which make up the shoes and to force inquiry. Why giant shoes? Why use kitchenware? When someone asks themselves these questions it is easy to make the link between gender roles. Women who wear stilettos are supposed to be domesticated and cook in the kitchen.

Joana removes the literal and symbolic stiletto and kitchenware out of the gender role and away from the box women are generally confined to. The giant shoes are enormous in size and message.