- Mar 5, 2015
These holographic design finds range from futuristic lighting fixtures to reflective space-age heels. Drawing inspiration from the 90s, the fashion industry has re-introduced holographic fashions and accessories in the past few seasons. The styles blend together nostalgic and futuristic references and are often galactic in their theme.

Moreover, the world of industrial design has also embraced prismatic color schemes when it comes to new furniture and lighting concepts. Prismatic tables and holographic orb lamps are just some of these memorable products along with reflective pendant lights that are also equally as bold.

Other standouts from this list of holographic design finds include holographic tech kiosks, hand-held devices and illustration tools that will appeal to art and design enthusiasts with an interest in the latest tech innovations.

From Futuristic Lighting Fixtures to Reflective Space-Age Heels: