Haptomirage's Hologram Display Technology Lets You Doodle in 3D

 - Sep 26, 2014
References: tachilab.org & vrworld
HaptoMirage is a unique piece of hologram display technology that lets users create doodles seemingly out of thin air. The technology makes use of Active-Shuttered Real Image Autostereoscopy (ARIA), which is an imaging technique that creates an image that can be viewed in 180-degrees. HaptoMirage is able to do this with the use of a motion tracking system that ensures the projected images are always where they should be in relation to one another.

In addition to being able to draw your own holographic images, one of the neatest features about this technology is that it also lets you create tangible 3D images, since the images can be superimposed onto a real object. The first prototype for the HaptoMirage was displayed at SIGGRAPH 2014 earlier this year, showing off an impressive range of its applications for the future of mixed reality presentation tools.