These Iridescent Garments and Accessories Are Futuristic

 - Nov 13, 2013
From iridescent clothing designs to cosmic editorial spreads, these examples of holographic fashion embody a futuristic aesthetic. While holographs often spark memories of the 90s, their visually vivid quality is also synonymous with space-age and aquatic imagery.

Gaining popularity with fashion's recent nostalgic revival, these examples of holographic fashion vary from Seapunk inspired garments to cosmic raver accessories that are guaranteed to get one noticed.

In addition to a range of space-age products, futuristic concepts have been brought to life in countless editorial spreads and featured in some of the world's most recognized publications.

Whether referencing mermaids, galactic views or the raver subculture, these hologram-infused fashions embrace retro space-age themes that are regaining popularity amongst new generations.