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Cognitive Marketing

Brands take a psychological approach to marketing

Implications - In addition to behavioral marketing, which uses consumers' online preferences to curate advertising content, brands are also adopting psychological tactics as a means of emotionally connecting. Whether it's taking advantage of facial recognition technology or harnessing the emotional effects of music, these marketing efforts showcase the benefits of hyper-targeted marketing, as well as establishing a cognitive connection with consumers.
Workshop Question - How can your brand increase the educational aspects of your marketing campaign(s)? Consider apps, pop-ups and games.
5 Featured, 43 Examples:
156,529 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Dec 14 — Nov 16
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Contagious Yawning Billboards
Contagious Yawning Billboards
Cafe Pele's Interactive Ad Reminds People of Their Need for Caffiene
Cafe Pele uses a psychological tactic to remind people just how much they need, or perhaps simply want, a rejuvenating cup of coffee. Aptly dubbed the Contagious Billboard, it features a simple... MORE
Emotion-Recognizing Advertising Platforms
Emotion-Recognizing Advertising Platforms
Virool's Video Ad Tracking Software Monitors Reactions
This video ad tracking platform uses facial recognition technology to monitor the emotions of viewers in real-time. Virool eIQ would be an exceptionally useful tool for analytical advertisers who... MORE
play_circle_filled Face-Mimicking Billboards
Face-Mimicking Billboards
The 'Coke-Moji' Uses Facial Recognition Software to Copy Your Expression
The ‘Coke-moji’ brings the love for Coca-Cola and emojis together with its new interactive billboard. A large screen in a subway station displays a bottle cap emoji that mimics passerbys&#... MORE
play_circle_filled Staring Competition Posters
Staring Competition Posters
DAILIES TOTAL1's Poster Stages a Staring Contest Challenge
‘The London Stare’ is an interactive poster from DAILIES TOTAL1 that dares people on the street to accept an impromptu staring contest challenge. Since the digital advertisement was set... MORE
play_circle_filled Connective Automotive Calendars
Connective Automotive Calendars
Ford's Interactive Calendars Indicate When a Driver is Coming Home
Over the years, there are plenty of interesting and innovative interactive calendars that have been created, but one of them are quite as unique as this creation from Ford called the ‘Calendá... MORE

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Related Examples

Realistic Kids Go-Karts
Realistic Kids Go-Karts
Ford's 'Mustang Power Wheels' Toy has a Traction Control Powertrain
Lip Contouring Collections
Lip Contouring Collections
This Tom Ford Lip Set Aims to Shape and Enhance the Wearer's Smile
play_circle_filled Nostalgic Anime Car Ads
Nostalgic Anime Car Ads
Ford is Marketing with Sailor Moon as Part of Its 'Overdubs' Series
Quirky Commuter Concepts
Quirky Commuter Concepts
The Carr-E Concept Can Carry Both People and Cargo
Thunderous Hatchback Cars
Thunderous Hatchback Cars
The 'Blood and Grease Focus ST' is Loaded With Personality
Intimidating Supermini Cars
Intimidating Supermini Cars
The Ford Tucci Fiesta is Small In Size But Big In Personality
Driverless Rideshare Fleets
Driverless Rideshare Fleets
Cars from Uber's ATC are Launching in Pittsburg
Monstrous Pickup Truck Concepts
Monstrous Pickup Truck Concepts
The XLT 4x4 Supercrew Offers Splendid Power and Eyecatching Style
Power-Enhancing Auto Packages
Power-Enhancing Auto Packages
The Ford Performance packages Offer Boosted Power and Torque
Social Drink Billboards
Social Drink Billboards
This Real-Time Ad Shares Name Facts When You Send It a Tweet
Chic Soda Packaging
Chic Soda Packaging
These Elegant Labels are a Collaboration of Coca-Cola & Trussardi
Plant-Based Soda Bottles
Plant-Based Soda Bottles
Coca-Cola's PlantBottle is Made from Sugar Cane Rather Than Petroleum
play_circle_filled Sensory Soda Videos
Sensory Soda Videos
Coca-Cola Celebrates Its Fizzy Sound With a Cinematic Tribute
Branded IM Campaigns
Branded IM Campaigns
This Coca-Cola Europe Campaign Was Launched Through the Line App
play_circle_filled Female-Targeted Beer Ads
Female-Targeted Beer Ads
Uses a Facial Recognition Billboard to Market Beer for Women
play_circle_filled Braille Drink Labels
Braille Drink Labels
These Soft Drink Cans and Bottles are Printed with Braille
play_circle_filled Clothing-Constructed Billboards
Clothing-Constructed Billboards
The Done in One LG Washing Machine Boasts a Creative Ad Campaign
play_circle_filled Bouldering Billboards
Bouldering Billboards
Powerade's Public Rock Climbing Billboard Encourage Fitness on the Streets
Localized Fitness Campaigns
Localized Fitness Campaigns
The Nike Toronto Billboards Specifically Target Female Runners
play_circle_filled Positivity Vending Machines
Positivity Vending Machines
The Coke Tweet Machine Charges People Based on an Attitude Test
Miniature Movie Billboards
Miniature Movie Billboards
The Ant-Man Billboards Play on the Superhero's Ability to Shrink
Ice Block Billboards
Ice Block Billboards
Birds Eye's Frozen Billboard Urges Freezer Use to Reduce Food Waste
Soda Fountain Billboards
Soda Fountain Billboards
Coca-Cola's Drinkable Billboard Satisfies Thirsty Basketball Fans
Wish-Granting Campaigns
Wish-Granting Campaigns
Wish Upon a Coke Brings 'Wish Booths' to India, Pakistan & the Philippines
Computer Anti-Fatigue Glasses
Computer Anti-Fatigue Glasses
OptimEYES Encourages People to Embrace Preventative Vision Measures
Bruise-Healing Billboards
Bruise-Healing Billboards
This Domestic Abuse Awareness Ad Has Onlookers Heal a Battered Woman
Londoner Narrative Billboards
Londoner Narrative Billboards
This Billboard Campaign Tells the Sad Stories of Former Londoners
Happy Emoji Billboards
Happy Emoji Billboards
This Coca-Cola Marketing Stunt Shares Jovial Web Addresses
Digital Bus Shelter Advertisements
Digital Bus Shelter Advertisements
This Augmented Reality Ad Immerses Commuters in a Video Game
Face-Pairing Museum Campaigns
Face-Pairing Museum Campaigns
Interactive Museum Strategy Rijks Emotions Matches Faces to Artwork
play_circle_filled Wrapping Paper Posters
Wrapping Paper Posters
Coca-Cola's Poster Ads Double as Free Wrapping Paper
play_circle_filled Responsive GIF Ads
Responsive GIF Ads
These Netflix Movie Poster Ads Attract Pop Culture & Internet-Savvy People
play_circle_filled Live Word Game Ads
Live Word Game Ads
Mattel's Creative Advertising Stunt Stages Pictionary Through a Poster
play_circle_filled Augmented Movie Posters
Augmented Movie Posters
This Ad Promotes the 'Into the Storm' Movie with AR Tornadoes
play_circle_filled Aerial Dronevertising
Aerial Dronevertising
Wokker's Ad-Carrying Drones Takes Aerial Advertising to New Heights
Emotion-Based Auctions
Emotion-Based Auctions
This Strange Auction Rewarded the Bidder Who Truly Wanted an Item Most
Uncomfortable Staring Games
Uncomfortable Staring Games
The Soulfill App Starts Staring Contests with People on Public Transit
Interactive Blood Donation Ads
Interactive Blood Donation Ads
This Poster Charges Phones and Encourages People to Donate Blood
Virtual Staring Contests
Virtual Staring Contests
KFC's Chicken Stare Off is an Intense Online Staring Competition
Facial Recognition Snack Machines
Facial Recognition Snack Machines
This Facial Recognition Vending Machine Personalizes Purchases
play_circle_filled Yawn-Activated Vending Machines
Yawn-Activated Vending Machines
Douwe Egberts' Coffee Machine is Clever Marketing
play_circle_filled Emotional Reaction Detectors
Emotional Reaction Detectors
The NeoFace Facial Recognition Program Analyzes Customers' Behavior
Targeted Ad Tech Boxes
Targeted Ad Tech Boxes
The Intel Set Top Box Plays Commercials Customized to Viewers