Wokker's Ad-Carrying Drones Takes Aerial Advertising to New Heights

 - Jul 28, 2014
References: wokker.ru & vimeo
It's not uncommon to have to crane your head skywards to see some advertisements that are posted way up high, or occasionally see a plane making use of aerial advertising, but Wokker's "dronevertisments" are in a category of their own.

Instead of a static poster that sits on a stationary object, the fast food company used 10 drones to fly its ads around the city of Moscow right around lunchtime. The ads carried by the drones depicted the menu items Wokker has to offer, including everything from fresh meat to seafood, plus noodle and rice-based dishes. As a result, the extremely eye-catching method of advertising devised by the Hungry Boys agency was successful at increasing local deliveries of Wokker's menu items by about 40%.