Ford is Marketing with Sailor Moon as Part of Its 'Overdubs' Series

 - Nov 15, 2016
References: youtube & digitaltrends
Ford's new 'Overdubs' series of ads is targeted squarely at millennials. The ad series features anime characters that were standard entertainment for that generation, plying on millennials sense of nostalgia in order to get them interested in Ford vehicles.

As millennials begin settling into employment and earning enough to make larger purchases -- like cars -- companies are finding increasingly interesting ways to market to them. The Overdubs series is an example of that, with Ford tapping into the incredibly strong feelings that young people have for the cartoons of their childhoods.

The Overdubs series specifically advertises the Ford Focus, an entry level vehicle that would best suit people looking for their first car. The latest ad is a Sailor Moon spoof, and others include Dragon Ball Z and Metal Gear Solid.