DAILIES TOTAL1's Poster Stages a Staring Contest Challenge

 - Dec 3, 2014
References: dailiestotal1 & prexamples
'The London Stare' is an interactive poster from DAILIES TOTAL1 that dares people on the street to accept an impromptu staring contest challenge. Since the digital advertisement was set up to detect blinks with facial recognition technology, it was a fun way for people to put their eyes to the test. If someone managed out out-stare one of four taunting characters like "The Boss," or "The Hipster," they were rewarded with a voucher for a contact lens trial, which the poster printed from the poster on the spot.

The interactive DAILIES TOTAL1 ad is a great way to attract attention on the street, draw people in and reiterate that nothing should "make you feel uncomfortable," especially when it comes to your eyes.