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Interactive Out of Home

Branded transit stops capture attention from bored commuters

Implications - Bus stop advertisements now comprise more attention-grabbing branding than ever before. However, it’s not just about advertising—it’s about drawing in the consumer any way possible during this optimal time when boredom is heightened. For the anxiously waiting commuter, bus stop branding that asks them to relax on a sofa, read a book or “save a life” offers a welcome reprieve from watch-checking, foot-tapping and general irritability spawning from impatience.
6 Featured, 37 Examples:
416,424 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jan 11 — Sep 11

Featured Examples

People-Warming Ovens
People-Warming Ovens
Caribou Coffee Bus Shelters Promote 'Hot 'n Wholesome' Menu
Caribou Coffee bus shelters are warming commuters while promoting the new 'Hot 'n Wholesome' breakfast menu. The toasty bus stops look like giant ovens, complete with actual heat-producing coils. Colle+McVoy… MORE
Gaming Bus Stops
Gaming Bus Stops
These Yahoo Bus Shelters Feature Video Games to Pass the Time
Seems like San Francisco's MUNI transit system is getting some help from 20 Yahoo bus shelters. Known for their notoriously long wait times, commuters will now be able to pass the time by playing video… MORE
Sunscreen-Dispensing Signage
Sunscreen-Dispensing Signage
This SunSmart Australia Campaign Encourages Skin Protection
The only real good news about skin cancer is that with a little effort, cases of the disease's occurrence can be minimized. The aim of this SunSmart Australia campaign is to promote the practice of such… MORE
Bookworm Bus Shelters
Bookworm Bus Shelters
Read While You Wait for Transit at the Magazine Kiosk Bus Stop
Waiting for a bus to arrive can feel like forever -- unless you're waiting at a Magazine Kiosk Bus Stop. Found in Mexico, this shelter lets you kill time with reading material. Created by Paty Avelar,… MORE
play_circle_filled Public Waiting Rooms
Public Waiting Rooms
The Julie Kim LA Bus Stop Coffee Table Experiment
Waiting for public transportation can be extremely dull and unpleasant, but perhaps if the environment were better furnished with, for example, a bus stop coffee table, the experience would be more enjoyable.… MORE
play_circle_filled Dietary Coaching Bots
Dietary Coaching Bots
Autom Will Guide Users Through a Healthier Lifestyle
If the idea of a fitness coach screaming in your face as you run tirelessly on a treadmill isn't your cup of tea, perhaps Autom will serve as a better dietary companion. Intuitive Automata created Autom,… MORE

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Android Torch Bearers
Android Torch Bearers
iCub is Nominated to Carry the Olympic Torch in the 2012 Games
play_circle_filled Sensational Cinematic Robots
Sensational Cinematic Robots
Real Life Wall-E is the Battery Powered Version of the Pixar Classic
Energy-Replenishing Drinks
Energy-Replenishing Drinks
Vitamin Water Installs Cellphone Chargers in Billboards
Vandalized Billboard Branding
Vandalized Billboard Branding
The Chill 'Les Man' Campaign Puts Hair on Your Chest
Building Block Billboards
Building Block Billboards
These LEGO Outdoor Ads Blend Imagination and Reality
Advertising Airport Seats
Advertising Airport Seats
The Beetling Airport Seat Turns Pre-Flight Seats into Billboards
Advantageous Transit Shelters
Advantageous Transit Shelters
The Solar Stop Will Entertain You Until Your Bus Arrives
Funny Urban Furniture
Funny Urban Furniture
Studio Synthetica Transforms City Objects Into Items for Your Home
Opinionated Street Murals
Opinionated Street Murals
Mobstr Graffiti Art is Boldly Pushing Boundaries
Robot Luggage Handlers
Robot Luggage Handlers
Yotel New York's Yobot Provides Excellent Customer Service
Dirty Billoard Ads
Dirty Billoard Ads
Advertising Agency JWT Makes Soiled Artwork
play_circle_filled Personal Female Androids
Personal Female Androids
Luna the Robot by RoboDynamics Makes Domesticated Work Easy
Insightfully Hijacked Adverts
Insightfully Hijacked Adverts
Robert Montgomery Enlightens the General Public Through Wordy Art
Personified Brewski Campaigns
Personified Brewski Campaigns
The Redhook May 2011 Beer Ads are Filled With Cheeky Attitude
play_circle_filled Recycling Robots
Recycling Robots
Automaton Finds Recyclable Goods Amongst Construction Refuse
play_circle_filled LIfe-Saving Bus Ads
LIfe-Saving Bus Ads
Public Health Bus Stop Campaign Asks Commuters to Help Save a Life
Advertising on Abodes
Advertising on Abodes
Mobile Marketing Company Adzookie is Looking to Turn Houses into Billboards
Sporty Condom Campaigns
Sporty Condom Campaigns
The Durex Performa Sign Markets to the Crowd During Half Time
play_circle_filled Elderly-Feeding Robots
Elderly-Feeding Robots
Isao Wakabayashi's Meal Assistance Robot Helps Care for Seniors
Noodle-Shaving Robots
Noodle-Shaving Robots
Chef Cui Relieves Mundane Work for Kitchen Cooks
Dementia Aid Robots
Dementia Aid Robots
Masayoshi Kano's Babyloid Resembles a Real Human Baby
Door-to-Door Transport Ads
Door-to-Door Transport Ads
York Region Transit Campaign Delivers You to Your Destination
Lofty Bus Stops
Lofty Bus Stops
'Elevated Bench' by Itay Ohaly Removes Reposing Pedestrians from the Roads
Transmutating Transit Stops
Transmutating Transit Stops
Dennis Oppenheim Bus Home Links Passengers to Destinations
play_circle_filled Stealth Reptile Robots
Stealth Reptile Robots
The Robotic Snake has Self-Contained Sections in Case of Explosions
Sophisticated Transit Stops
Sophisticated Transit Stops
These Absolut Vodka Bus Shelters Bring Luxury to Everyday Life
Bending Bus Shelters
Bending Bus Shelters
Felipe Martinez Quiroz Designs Modular Shelter for Urban Environments
Interactive Java Ads
Interactive Java Ads
The Caribou Coffee Campaign Encourages Staying Up to Enjoy Life
Touchscreen Transit Maps
Touchscreen Transit Maps
Eye Stop Bus Shelter is the Best Route to a Better City
play_circle_filled Raincycling Bus Stops
Raincycling Bus Stops
The Ramesh Kanth Bus Shelter is Designed to Harvest Rainwater
Steaming Bus Shelter Ads
Steaming Bus Shelter Ads
McDonald's Ad Reveals Secret Message With Steam
play_circle_filled Sticky Advertising
Sticky Advertising
Velcro Ads Used to Promote the Coca-Cola Grip Bottle
Bus Shelter Light Switches
Bus Shelter Light Switches
The Live Green Toronto Ad is One You Can Turn Off
play_circle_filled School Bus Shelters
School Bus Shelters
Christopher Fennell and Doug Makemson Make Yellow Bus Stops
Heated AdverShelters
Heated AdverShelters
Kraft Entices Customers with Warmth at Bus Stops
Solar Powered Bus Stop Ads
Solar Powered Bus Stop Ads
Fuel Miami LLC i-Shelters
The New Bus Stops