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Live Gaming

Video games are entering the real world, giving users a complete experience

Implications - Video games are no longer confined to a person’s television screen or computer monitor. Real-life video games are gaining popularity as consumers embrace the thrill of live-action gaming, which provides an inclusive, all-encompassing experience. Similar to augmented reality and 3D innovation, live gaming appeals to the consumer desire for extensive interaction and a complete experience in entertainment.
6 Featured, 48 Examples:
452,364 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Aug 10 — Apr 11
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Video Game-Inspired Gyms
Video Game-Inspired Gyms
The Tempest Freerunning Academy has a Super Mario Motif
The Tempest Freerunning Academy is probably the craziest gym to train in if you’re looking to dive into the extreme sport of freerunning. With a Super Mario theme, the Tempest Freerunning Academy has enough… MORE
Naughty Nintendo Games
Naughty Nintendo Games
The Kinky Ubisoft We Dare Includes Stripping and Spanking
The Ubisoft We Dare game for Wii and PS3 consoles has released a rather spicy trailer demonstrating how it works. Players are encouraged to get into rather risqué situations, which include spanking each… MORE
Real-Life Racing Games
Real-Life Racing Games
'Racer' from Malte Jehmlich Takes Video Games Off of the TV
Malte Jehmlich is the man behind 'RACER', one of the coolest video games you will see today. RACER takes the classic Playstation game 'Wipeout' off of the console and into real life. Malte Jehmlich's… MORE
play_circle_filled Real-World Video Games
Real-World Video Games
Future First Person Shooter Video Brings Call of Duty to Life
YouTube action film genius Freddie Wong has once again blown me away with his latest epic action video. Future First Person Shooter is a real-world interpretation of an online game of Call of Duty. This… MORE
play_circle_filled Real-Life Gaming
Real-Life Gaming
Freddie Wong and Shanae Grimes Star in 'Gun Size Matters'
Unfortunately for filmmaker and professional gamer Freddie Wong, gun size does matter -- at least, that seems to be the moral of the story for this real-life gaming situation. Freddie Wong and Shenae… MORE
play_circle_filled Live-Action Video Games
Live-Action Video Games
Frederick Wong Presents an Epic Real-Life Mario Kart Video
This Real Life Mario Kart video by Frederick Wong is an action-packed rendition of the classic Nintendo game. The go-kart action and graphics are pretty rad in this YouTube clip, which will surely become… MORE

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play_circle_filled Maiming Video Game Ads
Maiming Video Game Ads
The Minecraft 'Diamonds' Ad is for Serious Stone Collectors
Gaming Bus Stops
Gaming Bus Stops
These Yahoo Bus Shelters Feature Video Games to Pass the Time
play_circle_filled Video Game Sequel Spoofs
Video Game Sequel Spoofs
The Onion Gives Gamers an Inside Look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Disturbing Gamer Films
Disturbing Gamer Films
Mario is Downright Terrifying in 'Nintendo: A Sad Story'
play_circle_filled Violent LEGO Virals
Violent LEGO Virals
'LEGO Black Ops' Crosses Call of Duty Carnage with LEGO Animation
play_circle_filled Supercharged Game Trailers
Supercharged Game Trailers
DC Universe Online Clip is Awesomely Cinematic
play_circle_filled Gangster Game Characters
Gangster Game Characters
The Game Station Presents the Interesting 'The Brothers Mario' Feature
Sustainable Fitness Centers
Sustainable Fitness Centers
Jean Marc Rivet Designs an Eco-Friendly French Gym
play_circle_filled Celebrity Gamer Commercials
Celebrity Gamer Commercials
The 'Call of Duty' Kobe Bryant Ad Spotlights Celebrity Gamers
Girl Gamer Costumes
Girl Gamer Costumes
The Starcraft Ghost Costume is a Blizzard Fanboy's Dream Come True
Buyable Video Game Vehicles
Buyable Video Game Vehicles
The Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep is Revealed (UPDATE)
Kickass Iron Man Suits
Kickass Iron Man Suits
Raytheon Develops Real-Life Iron Man Suits
Automotive Video Game Marketing
Automotive Video Game Marketing
The 'Call of Duty' Jeep is an Epic and Expensive Tie-In
play_circle_filled Wall-Crawling Superhumans
Wall-Crawling Superhumans
‘Skyscraperman' Ascends a Building Using Suction Cups
Playable Video Game Murals
Playable Video Game Murals
The Interactive Mario Mural Brings Super Mario Bros. to Life
Vintage Gamer Tributes
Vintage Gamer Tributes
The 'Super Marios Bros. Crossover' Pays Homage to Classics
play_circle_filled Video Game Roadways
Video Game Roadways
Nerdtastic Mario Kart Bike Lanes in Portland, Oregon
Electromagnetic Humans
Electromagnetic Humans
The Magnetic Woman is a Real-Life Comic Book Mutant
play_circle_filled Video Game Treadmills
Video Game Treadmills
The Frevola T7a Treadmill Lets You Play Nintendo Games While Working Out
Video Game Offices
Video Game Offices
Sega Employees Transform a Cubicle into a Gamer's Paradise
Gamer Replica Guns
Gamer Replica Guns
The Fallout 3 AEP7 Laser Pistol Looks Completely Real
play_circle_filled Gaming Exercise Machines
Gaming Exercise Machines
The Frevola T7A Treadmill is a Gamer's Workout Haven
Gyroscopic Video Game Seats
Gyroscopic Video Game Seats
The X-Dream GYROXUS PS3 Gaming Chair Lets You Feel it All
Aerobic Gaming
Aerobic Gaming
The Arctic Gym Goes Beyond a Traditional Console
Life-Like Robot Mammals
Life-Like Robot Mammals
The Great Elephant is a Massively Recycled Ride
DIY Iron Man Armor
DIY Iron Man Armor
Anthony Le Creates a Real-Life Iron Man Suit
Gamer-Friendly Board Games
Gamer-Friendly Board Games
Super Mario Kart Board Game is a Tangible Version of the Video Game
play_circle_filled Real-Life Arcade Games
Real-Life Arcade Games
The Gnarcade Music Vid Brings Virtual Video Gaming to Reality
Wrist-Worn Flamethrowers
Wrist-Worn Flamethrowers
DIYer Turns Himself into a Real-Life Human Torch
Retro Game Sneakers
Retro Game Sneakers
The Nike Street Fighter Pack Brings Shoryuken to the Streets
King of Pop Gaming
King of Pop Gaming
The Michael Jackson Video Game to Launch This Coming Winter
Nostalgic Gamer Racers
Nostalgic Gamer Racers
The Mario Kart R/C Cars Take the Video out of Gaming Fun
play_circle_filled Contemporary Gaming Cases
Contemporary Gaming Cases
CM4 Gadget Covers Adultize the Gaming World
play_circle_filled Wiidiculous Racing Ads
Wiidiculous Racing Ads
The Blur 'Race Like a Big Boy' Commercial Pokes Fun at Nintendo
Supercar Gaming Accessories
Supercar Gaming Accessories
The Ferrari Scuderia Racing Wheel Makes Your Playstation Fun
play_circle_filled Blow-Up Gamer Gear
Blow-Up Gamer Gear
CTA Digital Inflatable Racing Kart for Wii Lets You Race Mario in Style
Warrior Workouts
Warrior Workouts
The Takafuji Ukon 'Samurai Camp' Will Help You Shed Pounds
Gamer Gems
Gamer Gems
Pharrell Williams Creates Glorious Mario Kart Bling
play_circle_filled Freaky LEGO Flicks
Freaky LEGO Flicks
The LEGO Universe Game Trailer is Astonishingly Impressive
Kinetic Gymnasiums
Kinetic Gymnasiums
Exercise Powered Micro-Island Gyms on Waterway Paths
Disability-Friendly Gyms
Disability-Friendly Gyms
'The Access' Enables the Disabled to Exercise Easily
Green Gym Equipment
Green Gym Equipment
The EcoMill is a Self-Charging Kinetic Energy Treadmill
Magical Game Teasers
Magical Game Teasers
New Harry Potter Video Game Trailer Taunts Fans
Real-Life Game Boards
Real-Life Game Boards
German Ads Reenact Monopoly Settings
Provocative Video Game Trailers
Provocative Video Game Trailers
World Premiere of Batman 'Arkham Asylum'
Religious Gyms
Religious Gyms
DJK Hamburg Ad Inspires Catholics to Burn the Other Cheek
play_circle_filled Government-Subsidized Gyms
Government-Subsidized Gyms
South Korea Combats Childhood Obesity
Gyms Powered by Exercising Patrons
Gyms Powered by Exercising Patrons
The Green Microgym