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Advertisers create transparency with brutally honest ads and messages

Implications - Consumers today know false advertising when they see it. Because they’re not bought by superlative statements and ambiguous promises, brands and advertisers are going in the opposite direction with brutally honest advertising. Parodies that poke fun at the truths behind major brands are also grabbing attention by pointing out ironic realities about today’s most popular companies. In today’s brand- and ad-saturated world, honesty may be the best policy.
5 Featured, 38 Examples:
509,918 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jan 11 — Apr 11
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Ironic Emblems
Ironic Emblems
The Honest Logos Series Sheds Light on Popular Companies
Graphic designer Viktor Hertz of Sweden has created a unique series titled Honest Logos. The Honest Logos series takes iconic corporate logos and reworks them to be a little more truthful. Companies such… MORE
Blatant Film Branding
Blatant Film Branding
The 'Conspicuous Product Placement' Series Pokes Fun at Advertising
Illustrator Aled Lewis has created a series entitled 'Conspicuous Product Placement.' The title speaks for itself as the illustrator has managed to display which products are blatantly placed in some… MORE
Intoxicatingly Honest Campaigns
Intoxicatingly Honest Campaigns
The Corona Beer 2011 Ads Advocate Responsible Drinking
Since car accidents and other traumatic consequences related to drunken nights are as effective in ad campaigns as a picture of diseased lungs on a cigarette box, the Corona Beer 2011 campaign is taking… MORE
play_circle_filled Blunt Recruitment Ads
Blunt Recruitment Ads
'Welcome to Our Reality' Pokes Fun at American Military Ads
'Welcome to Our Reality' is a new recruitment video from the Swedish military that pokes fun at the overly stylized and dramatic military recruitment commercials of countries like the United States. The… MORE
play_circle_filled Brutally Honest Ads
Brutally Honest Ads
Rhett and Link's ‘Mobile Homes' Commercial Redefines Brevity
In an age where advertisements can be transparently preachy, two comedians named Rhett and Link have broken all the rules with their hilariously austere ‘kommercial’ (as they call them) for Cullman Liquidation.… MORE

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play_circle_filled Pregnant Dad Campaigns
Pregnant Dad Campaigns
The Nutricia Baby Connection App Publicity Stunt Reverses Gender Roles
Schadenfreude Food Campaigns
Schadenfreude Food Campaigns
The Celebrations Chocolate Ads Revel in the Misfortune of Others
Wordless Logos
Wordless Logos
The 'You Took My Name' Series Focuses on Brands' Graphics
Thought-Provoking Fish Campaigns
Thought-Provoking Fish Campaigns
WWF Bluefin Tuna Ads Want You to Give Tuna a Break
play_circle_filled Suspended Sports Campaigns
Suspended Sports Campaigns
The Nike Be Free Ads Get You Ready for Some Spring Rejuvenation
Controversial Cursing Campaigns
Controversial Cursing Campaigns
The Lara Stone CK One Billboard May Say the F-Word
Sinister Smile Campaigns
Sinister Smile Campaigns
The Amnesty International Gay and Lesbian Abuse Ads from Erin Sykes
Shocking Germ Campaigns
Shocking Germ Campaigns
The Sanitol Ads Really Show You What You're Touching With Unclean Hands
Recycled Ad Campaigns
Recycled Ad Campaigns
The Nike Better World Commercial Uses Only Previously Done Nike Ads
Colorful Car Campaigns
Colorful Car Campaigns
Le Creative Sweatshop's Renault Twizy Ads are Explosively Vibrant
Pop-ular Hats
Pop-ular Hats
The Drink Logo Collection by New Era x The Coca-Cola Company is Simply Fresh
Combat-Inspired Jeans
Combat-Inspired Jeans
Clot Levi's WWIII Denim is Ready for Battle
Cell Phone-Confiscating Logos
Cell Phone-Confiscating Logos
The Avichai Tadmor NO Sign Will Take Your Tech Away
Couture Sausage Links
Couture Sausage Links
The Linus Morales Fabulous Food Shoot Features Branded Edibles
Out-Of-Work Logos
Out-Of-Work Logos
The Old NBC Logo is Being Replaced With Typography
Rugged Military Menswear
Rugged Military Menswear
The Publish Fall 2011 Collection Carries on Military Inspiration
play_circle_filled Half-Wheeled Military Machines
Half-Wheeled Military Machines
The X-RHex Robot Moves Like a Creepy Crawly Insect
play_circle_filled Multifunctional Army Tools
Multifunctional Army Tools
A Chinese Military Shovel Performs More Than 20 Hardcore Tasks
21 Starbucks Branding Moves
21 Starbucks Branding Moves
From Styrofoam Tummy Tucks to Unbranded Coffee Logos
Mind-Controlled Missiles
Mind-Controlled Missiles
The Striker Integrated Display Helmet Shoots On Sight
Image Manipulation Seasoning
Image Manipulation Seasoning
Photoshop Salt & Pepper Shakers Will Airbrush Your Breakfast
play_circle_filled Stylish Auto Ads
Stylish Auto Ads
The Karl Lagerfeld Volkswagen Commercial Combines Elegance and Grace
Comic-Inspired Armored Vehicles
Comic-Inspired Armored Vehicles
The Raider by Bae Systems is Modeled After the Batmobile
Guidofied Old Spice Spoofs
Guidofied Old Spice Spoofs
Jersey Shore Vinny MTV Campaign Promotes New Year's Eve Bash
Rapper Sodavertising
Rapper Sodavertising
Pepsi and Snoop Join Forces for Holiday Refreshments
Minimalist Brand Makeovers
Minimalist Brand Makeovers
A2591 Simplifies Product Logos
Cheeky Intestinal Ads
Cheeky Intestinal Ads
The Ken Jeong Pepto Commercial is Wacky & Funny
play_circle_filled Theatrical Bus Ads
Theatrical Bus Ads
The Europcar Minibus Commercial Features the Audience as Its Star
Intergalactic Villain Ads
Intergalactic Villain Ads
The NTT Docomo Darth Vader Ad Uses the Force to Sell Phones
Compassionate Cancer Ads
Compassionate Cancer Ads
Fondation Mimi Commercial Brings Out the Beauty of Cancer Patients
play_circle_filled Celebrity Superfan Ads
Celebrity Superfan Ads
The Kevin Bacon Logitech Commercial is Hilariously Informative
Weapon-Wielding Wartography
Weapon-Wielding Wartography
Ken Hermann's 'Boys With Guns' Puts a Face on War
75 Badass Military Inspirations
75 Badass Military Inspirations
From Sizzling Sniper Shoots to ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops̵
Candied Logos (Update)
Candied Logos (Update)
'Lolli-Pop' by Massimo Gammacurta is for Anyone With a Sweet Tooth
Social Media Movie Spoofs
Social Media Movie Spoofs
'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Reenactment on Twitter and Foursquare
Cosmically Inflated Logos
Cosmically Inflated Logos
The Markie Darkie ‘Various Type Designs' are Colorfully Colo
Abbreviated Fail Branding
Abbreviated Fail Branding
Companies Named WTF, OMG & STD Could Give the Wrong Idea
Subverted Iconography
Subverted Iconography
Reinvented ‘Jesus Fish'