'LEGO Black Ops' Crosses Call of Duty Carnage with LEGO Animation

 - Jan 1, 2011
References: gameinformer & technolog.msnbc.msn
Usually, when a popular movie or video game franchise becomes a blockbuster hit, it isn’t too long before a LEGO adaptation follows, as presented by this LEGO Black Ops viral. From Star Wars and Indiana Jones, to Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, LEGO game adaptations have gone on to be wildly successful for years on end. Unfortunately however, not every movie or video game is deemed appropriate for official LEGO conversion.

Animator Keshan imagined what a LEGO crossover of 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' might look like, resulting in this interesting short. Using stop motion and LEGO figurines armed to the teeth, his LEGO Black Ops YouTube video envisions just what a LEGO version of the adrenaline charged, violence-packed smash-hit might look like. 

His film is fast, furious and funny, but also surprisingly indicative of how fun a LEGO Black Ops game would be.