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Social Snacking

An interactive element is added to snack time with socially activated dispensers

Implications - Bringing elements of social media into more conventional experiences, brands are integrating platforms like Twitter into snack machines and kitchenware items. Requiring social engagement, these socially savvy devices transform ordinary eating experiences into more communal and interactive activities, reflecting the use of social media in areas other than online engagement.
5 Featured, 42 Examples:
287,027 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Oct 12 — Aug 15
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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Phone-Charging Furniture
Phone-Charging Furniture
IKEA is Incorporating Qi Technology into Some of Its Convenient Designs
SIM Card Vending Machines
SIM Card Vending Machines
This Vending Machine Automates the Process of Giving Out Mobile Tech
Furniture Store Sleepovers
Furniture Store Sleepovers
This Year's Sleepover at IKEA Promotion Was Posted on Airbnb
play_circle_filled Interactive Mobile Catalogs
Interactive Mobile Catalogs
IKEA PS 2014 on the Move Was Presented in Full on Instagram
Flip Flop Vending Machines
Flip Flop Vending Machines
Old Navy's Shoe Vending Machine Trades Tweets for Flip Flops
play_circle_filled Maternal Vending Machines
Maternal Vending Machines
This Fun Vending Machine by Lanes Health Acts & Speaks as a Mom Would
Cannabis Vending Machines
Cannabis Vending Machines
This Marijuana Dispensing Machine was Installed for 420 2014
play_circle_filled Anti-Abuse Vending Machines
Anti-Abuse Vending Machines
The Helpless Machine Made for a Shocking Domestic Violence Campaign
Glitzy Gold Kitchen Appliances
Glitzy Gold Kitchen Appliances
The Gold Retro Fridge is Adorned with Shimmering Swarovski Crystals
Electricity-Free Refrigerators
Electricity-Free Refrigerators
The Sure Chill Fridge Cools Your Food with or Without Electricity
play_circle_filled Customized Cookie Lounges
Customized Cookie Lounges
The Oreo Trending Vending Lounge Serves up Food for Thought
Designer Bag Vending Machines
Designer Bag Vending Machines
This Designer Handbag Vending Machine Makes Style Accessible
play_circle_filled Enchanting Eco Lighting Ads
Enchanting Eco Lighting Ads
IKEA Promotes the Natural Beauty of Energy Efficient LED Lightbulbs
Fridge Door-Closing Reminders
Fridge Door-Closing Reminders
These Little Critters Remind You to Close the Fridge Door
Sports Drink-Replacing Fruit Dispensers
Sports Drink-Replacing Fruit Dispensers
The Kagome Tomato Vending Machine Promotes Natural Energy
Removable Refrigerating Capsules
Removable Refrigerating Capsules
Iceberg Fridge Contains a Separate Cooler for Getting Groceries
Rocking Mini Fridges
Rocking Mini Fridges
Keep the Music Loud and Your Brews Cold in the Amped Up Marshall Fridge
Salad Vending Machines
Salad Vending Machines
The Farmer's Fridge Provides Healthy, Eco-Friendly Food On-The-Go
Fresh Food Vending Machines
Fresh Food Vending Machines
The Vending Machine Farmer's Market Makes it Easy to Eat Well
Reciprocal Major Appliance Apps
Reciprocal Major Appliance Apps
Text Your Fridge with LG Homechat Unveiled at CES 2014
Appliance-Communicating Software
Appliance-Communicating Software
The LG HomeChat Launched at CES 2014 & Gives Life to Appliances
Taco Shop Vending Machines
Taco Shop Vending Machines
The Burritobox Sells Mexican Food Without the Middleman
play_circle_filled Social Media Vending Machines
Social Media Vending Machines
WWF Canada & Telus' Vending Machine Releases Panda Toys for Tweets
Champagne Vending Machines
Champagne Vending Machines
Moet & Chandon Unveil Their Champagne Dispenser for Christmas
play_circle_filled Augmented Reality Catalogues
Augmented Reality Catalogues
The 2014 IKEA Catalogue and App Virtually Display Decor
play_circle_filled Social-Powered Vending Machines
Social-Powered Vending Machines
The Pepsi 'Like Machine' Dispenses Sodas for Likes
Melting Ice Drink Dispensers
Melting Ice Drink Dispensers
The 7UP Vending Machine is Made from Blocks of Ice That Melt
Dancing Soda Dispensers
Dancing Soda Dispensers
The Coke Dance Vending Machine Rewards Participants for Dancing in Public
Complimentary Communicating Dispensers
Complimentary Communicating Dispensers
Kenneth the Talking Vending Machine Gives Out Free Coffee
Charitable Artwork Dispensers
Charitable Artwork Dispensers
The Vending Machines by Wieden + Kennedy Raise Money for Schools
play_circle_filled Tweet-Enabled Treat Dispensers
Tweet-Enabled Treat Dispensers
The BEV Twitter Vending Machine Trades Hash Tags for Iced Tea
Undergarment Vending Machines
Undergarment Vending Machines
Undz Provides Easy Buying for Men's Skivvies
Wi-Fi Drink Dispensers
Wi-Fi Drink Dispensers
Asahi Beverages Rolls Out Vending Machines That Provide Internet Access
play_circle_filled Facial Recognition Product Dispensers
Facial Recognition Product Dispensers
Sanden Vending Machine Provides Extreme Customization
City-Forming Furniture Ventures
City-Forming Furniture Ventures
IKEA Suburb Gets Set to Break Ground in East London
Generous Prize Dispensers
Generous Prize Dispensers
The Nokia Foursquare Gifting Machine Rewards You for Using Social Media
play_circle_filled Pizza Vending Machines
Pizza Vending Machines
'Let's Pizza' Cooks a Snack for Consumers in Under Three Minutes
play_circle_filled Virtuous Vending Tools
Virtuous Vending Tools
The Coca-Cola Japanese Red Cross Charity Soda Machines are Donation-Ready
Social Vending Machines
Social Vending Machines
Pepsi's New Vending Machines Encourage Sharing
Sketched-In Furniture
Sketched-In Furniture
The IKEA Drawing Commercial is Artistically Imaginative
Pop-Up Roomvertising
Pop-Up Roomvertising
Ikea Sets Up Fake Rooms Throughout NYC
Asia Hungry For Swedish Design
Asia Hungry For Swedish Design
Ikea in Korea