An Incentivizing Healthy Vending Machine Tweets Every Purchase Made

 - Apr 25, 2014
References: fastcoexist
This healthy vending machine uses social media to shame you when purchasing unhealthy sweet or savoury snacks. Designed by UK based Nottinghack, the diet-encouraging dispenser tweets every time someone buys something from it.

Originally programmed with an RFID chip so employees could pay with a microchip when they didn't have cash on hand, they added an extra feature to spread the word using social media. With everyone knowing what you were purchasing--it wouldn't list the product by name, just something like 'a confectionary'-- the healthy vending machine could inspire more nutritional habits.

Eventually the employees became annoyed with this feature, so they removed it, but it is worth considering as an added incentive. Rather than acting as a shaming tool, perhaps healthy vending machines with fresh food can celebrate health-conscious consumers.