Undz Provides Easy Buying for Men's Skivvies

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: retail.undz.org & retail.undz.org
The colorful new male underwear brand Undz is now selling their underwear from vending machines.

The vending machine is beautifully branded with funny images and Undz's colored boxers in the display. The underwear is of high quality and sells for only ten dollars. They are currently on display in the YUL airport in Montreal, and are perfect for on-the-go travelers who may have run our of a fresh pair of skivvies. Credit card is not yet an option at these vending machines, so be sure to have cash on hand. Also, be prepared to be near-blinded by the color of this product, which comes in a bright pink hue. If you are comfortable rocking this color, then these Undz are for you.