From Sweet Tooth Storage Units to Bubblegum Soccer Games

 - Feb 9, 2013
With all the clever treat dispensers out there, who would ever want to get their sugar fix by just unwrapping it? Candy is supposed to be fun, and these creative dispensers definitely bring the enjoyment.

If there’s a sweet tooth craving coming, then these treat dispensers are the way to go. How do collective 100 flavor soda pop dispensers, combo lighter/gum packs, twitter enabled vending machines, candy rewarding arcade games and Star Wars USB flash drive pez dispensers sound as a clever way to get your candy? Speaking of Star Wars, there’s a lot of unique Star Wars candy dispensers out there, especially ones modeled after the adorable R2D2. Not to be outdone by a rival Sci-Fi franchise, there’s even an Alien themed Pez dispenser out there for those who want a little horror to go with their sugary snack treat dispensers.