The Wi-Fi Vending Machine by Asashi Offers Free Web Access

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: & dvice
Japanese company Asashi Soft Drinks is preparing to change the vending machine game with its new Wi-Fi vending machine. The Wi-Fi vending machine will debut in Japan in 2013 and will offer 30 minutes of Wi-Fi free of charge.

The Wi-Fi vending machine has a range of 164 feet and is designed to get people to camp out near Asashi's machines in the hopes that they'll purchase something. One thousand of the machines will be rolled out in 2013 and Asashi has a target of 10,000 machines across Japan within the next five years. Japan has the most tech-savvy vending machines on the planet, so a vending machine that offers Wi-Fi shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. Here's hoping that American companies adapt the idea sometime soon.