WWF Canada & Telus' Vending Machine Releases Panda Toys for Tweets

 - Dec 21, 2013
References: wearesocialmedia.gr
This year, Canadian telecommunication company Telus and WWF Canada developed a vending machine that released a free panda toy when users tweeted the hashtag "HomeTweetHome."

For each tweet the vending machine in Vancouver receives, a one dollar donation will also be made to WWF Canada. Considering that takes almost no effort to get a free cute panda plush, it's no surprise that the vending machine dispensed over 3,000 plush toys over the course of just six days in the Vancouver mall.

The vending machine was a total hit among both adults and kids of all ages, who were able to give each of the lovable panda toys a new home for the holidays, as well as help to protect the homes of real endangered pandas that are out there in the world.