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Humorized Health

Food brands convey their health status through comical marketing tactics

Implications - As a greater emphasis is placed on health and organic ingredients, food retailers are seeking out more distinctive ways to showcase their commitment to the cause. Adding elements of humor, satire and animation, brands are speaking to their use of organic ingredients and natural practices in a way that is more approachable to younger demographics. Such tactics help transform informative content into lighthearted messages that are not only more digestible, but also more memorable in nature. This speaks to a shift toward messaging that is not only transparent, but that also appeals to specific demographics like Millennials or Gen Z who appreciate more playful brand engagements.
Workshop Question - What is your brand's messaging around health and wellness? How could you inject a sense of play into your approach?
5 Featured, 44 Examples:
60,580 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jun 15 — Jul 17

Featured Examples

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Cranky Senior Campaigns
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Wealthy Diner Ads
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Name-Exploiting Ads
The Taco Bell Guess Who Commercial Finds People Called Ronald McDonald
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Patriotic Fast Food Ads
This McDonald’s Olympic Ad Celebrates the Victories of the Past
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MTV's Mermaid-Themed Condom Commercials Hits All the Right Spots
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